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  1. Overview

This is a program to manage resources and characters for the rolegame shadowrun 5.0. It is dedicated to create and manage characters, providing game master aid and reporting.

Refer to releases to download the software.

For now it contains :

A small german instruction : kurz übersicht

see the upcoming and past changes : changelog

using the application player runtime and game master
or the FAQ

Build Status

simple instruction

create a grunt group instruction

  1. Motivation

As I used to play shadowrun for a very long time, I started with an editor in Delphi for shadowrun 2.0, many year later I started a technology study with emf for the 3.01 version, as my group has now moved to 5.0 and the chummer project don't work well on linux I have moved some of the model to 5.0. This is a kind of technology study, working with an model driven approach.

Find out more in the wiki.

and checkout the constribute section

If you are not part of the github community you could use other channels to contact:

another way to support is via bitcoin:

  • 12Fgh416ogMiJsYnXyeYqaEGyEQHcVFSsJ for main support like webspace and service
  • 1B9nJ2eXZJz1UKaVQTeMHriD1LBQsd4CvS for arts and graphics
  • 18BbgDaurToEu6sou5dmBzNUNWAhTH25Tg for localization and spell checking
  • 1JcJK1nLkAZkr4jid6N44L2bYQ7rxPSVYZ tip the coder

as we could use the bitcoin to pay some people to make the tedious spell checking jobs, pay webspace or services or pay for some artwork.

  1. Installation

As the software is an eclipse product so you need to unpack the software and start the exe, you will need java installed.

  1. Technical stuff

This project is based on the EMF modeling framework the EMF Client Platform and EMF Forms.



The code is published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0.

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The shadowrun 5 rich client platfrom is a model driven project for managing shadowrun resources. A shadowrun 5 character generator for example ...




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