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ngPAWS authoring system

ngPAWS (pronunced n-g-paws) is an authoring system based on the Professional Adventure Writing System, thus the name ngPAWS stands for "next generation PAWS". 

PAWS was an authoring system widely used in UK and Spain in the later 80s and early 90s, being the version for Sinclair ZX Spectrum the most well known, though there have been  version for CP/M (Amstrad CPC, PCW) and IBM PC. Also, there are several clones of PAW 
made in the 90s, 2000, and 2010s.

What makes ngPAWS different?
What makes ngPAWS different is it does not generate an executable file, but a website that can be run in any modern browser. So text adventures (aka interactive fiction) made with ngPAWS can be run in any web server, or locally.


Please check a full though short story in the following URL:


For detailed documentation please check github wiki:


For precompiled builds for Windows, Linux (x86 and arm) and OSX, go to our downloads page:

Please notice the precompiled packages include also txtpaws by Baltasarq (, a very useful tool for ngPAWS programmers/authors.

Reporting bugs

If you found any bugs please report it using Github issue manager:

The compiler was developed first by Yokiyoki for his PAW clone "Paguaglús", it has been modified during the years by me (Carlos Sanchez) for the Superglus project and now I have adapted it to generate javascript instead of glulx assembler. It's (C) Yokiyoki and Carlos Sanchez and it's released under the the GPL v2 or later license.

The IDE is developed by Carlos Sánchez, and it's released under the GPL v2 or later license.

The jsl libraries all can be used in your games, so they all use the more flexible MIT license. All of them are (C) Carlos Sánchez.


ngPAWS interactive fiction (text adventure game) authoring system



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