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Welcome to the ngPAWS wiki. In the following pages you will find all the information needed to get your own adventure game working. Happy adventure!

Español Click here for spanish documentation.

This guide will teach you the basics of ngPAWS, it's recommended to read it before checking the tutorials. Please notice you don't need to learn nor understand everything in the guide at first sight, just have a look at it so when you read the tutorials everything looks clearer.

Before we start, if you are or were a PAWS developer, I still recommend you to have a look at the documentation, but if you can't wait, just have a look at this article: ngPAWS for PAWS developers.

Advanced guide


Expanding ngPAWS (for javascript developers)

I want to port an old ZX Spectrum PAWS game...

First you need to know: it won't be as easy as you would expect. Now that you know that, please check the articles below:


I would like to thank...

  • Graeme Yeandle and Tim Gilberts, Tim Gilberts and Graeme Yeandle, for creating PAWS.
  • Yokiyoki, for creating Paguaglus, helping with Superglus, and in the end be in the origins of ngPAWS.
  • Baltasarq, por creating txtpaws preprocessor, without it ngPAWS would be really difficult to use.
  • Radin, for expanding... well creating... the spanish start database.
  • Jay Salvat, for the Buzz javascript sound library
  • The jQuery Foundation, for creating jQuery
  • dddddd, cause he suggested the name of this tool
  • To others that also suggested names that were not eventually chosen.