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VIDT Datalink

V-ID Blockchain Validation Token (VIDT)

This is the complete source code of the V-ID token smart contract, issued for saving data in the Ethereum blockchain and for processing micro payments that require KYC by wallet address.

The V-ID token is able to make use of all 3 tiers of data processing in this blockchain, using the transaction, state en receipt tries.

Version 36 is published at and available here as VIDT OLD.sol. The VIDT-commented OLD.sol is the exact same version, supplemented with explanatory comments.

UPDATE October 4th 2020

In response to the KuCoin security incident, a new smart contract was deployed. The old contract has been paused and can no longer be used. The ONLY VALID Ethereum smart contract is published at and available here as VIDT.sol

More information about V-ID is available at, the token ICO website is

Our validation service is live since August 2018 and in continuous beta as we extend functionalities.

Verification is live at since December 2018.


  • Both old and new contract addresses are NOT crowdsale addresses and never were.
  • As our smart contract is on the blockchain since 18-08-2018, this repository is not expected to be updated.
  • V-ID sourcecode is proprietary property and will not be made public.
  • V-ID leases an unrestricted license to deploy the WIDIDI M16 platform.


V-ID Blockchain Validation Token





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