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Provides documentation for calling hundreds of Win32API functions from VFP
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Provides documentation for calling hundreds of Win32API functions from VFP.


This project was generously donated to VFPX by Anatoliy Mogylevets from its original source,, which is no longer available. Thanks, Anatoliy!

A few words from Anatoliy:

VFP Win32 data is given a new lease of life, for which I am very grateful. What I probably like the most is how the data is now integrated in GitHub and thus became an integral part of VFPX. The presentation is clean and has the modern look. Virtually all data from the old site has been converted in remarkably short time, virtually undistorted. I could not think of a better implementation under the circumstances.

Tore Bleken converted the documentation into Markdown format so it's available here on GitHub.


There are five pages that are the starting point for the documentation:

In addition, the apiviewer folder has a VFP application you can use to view the documentation offline.

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