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Open Source Add-ons for Visual FoxPro

Pinned repositories

  1. A development tool that helps FoxPro developers identify areas of code that should or could be refactored

    xBase 4 4

  2. A 100% Visual FoxPro class that provides a tool for generating images with different bar code symbologies to be used in VFP forms and reports, or exported to other applications

    xBase 22 15

  3. A class that allows VFP developers to directly draw charts and graphs

    xBase 19 21

  4. Draws gauges in VFP applications

    xBase 6 5

  5. Parallel Processing Library for Visual FoxPro

    HTML 17 3

  6. An updated version of the Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 Upsizing Wizard (Sedna)

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