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Provides a set of fast performance, reliable and easy to use Json functions using pure VFP.

Project Manager: Marco Plaza

Functions & Usage

( Each function is a single prg - No additional dependencies / Requires VFP9 )

  • oJson = nfJsonRead(cJsonString , lReviveCollections)
    Example :
    jsonstr = '{"name":"John", "age":30, "family":{"wife":"Susana","son":"Tom"}, "location":"texas"}'
    vfpobj = nfJsonRead(jsonstr)
    ? vfpobj.age &&will show 30
    ? &&will show Tom

*lReviveCollections: nfJsoncreate stringify key/keyless kcollections as arrays; set this flag if you are parsing json created with nfjsoncreate that you know had a vfp collection; this will perform a extra step to get your collections back from the array representation ( revive it ) or set it to false to view your collections as arrays for debugging purposes -check collectiontest.prg in test folder.

  • cJsonString = nfJsonCreate(oVfp, lFormattedOutput, lNoNullArrayItems,cRootName,aMembersFlag)

  • nfJsonToCursor(cJson, cCursorName , lForceImportFromArray) ( creates cursor back from Json created using nfCursorToJson4vfp )

  • cJsonString = nfCursorToJson4vfp() && converts current open table/cursor to Json suitable for later use of nfJsonToCursor()

  • cJsonString = nfCursorToJson(lReturnArray, lArrayofValues, lIncludestruct, lFormattedOutput) converts current open table/cursor to Json

  • oJson = nfCursorToObject(lCopyToArray, lIncludeStruct)

  • cJsonString = jsonFormat( cJsonStr )* Format json string w/o validate or change element positions

  • nfOpenJson(** cJsonString , [ cArrayPath ], [cCursorStructure & object mappings ] )

    Similar to SqlServer 2016 openJson function

Tests & Sample files

  • nfOpenJsonTest: samples taken from

  • nfJsonPerfTest.prg: just run it and choose one of the embedded json samples from the list to check performance on your pc. ( Allows you to parse Json from clipboard too. )

  • examples.prg will parse the next Json files included in JsonSamples folder. just run from test folder and see sample code and output.

  • collectionTest.prg: creates a complex collection , converts it to Json and back to vfp.

  • Sample Json files included:

    • youtubesearch.json
    • cycloneForecast.json
    • dropbox.json
    • googleMapsDistance.json
    • iphone photo.json
    • mapquest.json
    • mySimpleArray.json
    • tweeter.json
    • weatherService.json
    • yahooweather.json

Release Notes

2022/07/09 ( PatrickvonDeetzen )

  • create json with special characters is now significantly faster (changes made in function "escapeandencode")
  • updated performance test & added new test sample
  • bug fix: missing m. in nfcursortoobject.prg


  • JsonFormat function by Carlos Alloati


  • no matter wich strictdate setting you have set, a JsonDateTime "0000-00-00T00:00:00" will return an empty date.
  • valid JsonDates with time "T00:00:00" will return a date value ( ie: {"testDate":"2017-12-01T00:00:00"} )
  • invalid dates ( ie 2017/50/50 ) properly formatted as Json Date ( ie: 2017-50-50T00:00:00 ) will throw error; ( previous behavior was to return .null. )


  • fixed: proper support for 19 character strings with ISO basic date format & different strictdate settings.


  • fixed: nfJsonRead bug fix: incorrect parsing for strings terminated with escaped double quotes; minor changes & code refactoring.


  • fixed: nfJsonRead: incorrect unescaped output with "set exact = on"
  • escapetest.prg - removed "leftover" lines.


  • fixed issue escaping values terminated with "
  • nfJsonRead: removed parameter "isFile" now you can just pass a file name or string
  • added test: escapeTest.prg


  • minor bug fix: zero item collections created as 1 empty item collection
  • proper indent for raw/formatted collection objects


  • nfJsonPerfTest: added compiled exe, samples file ships as a separate file for you to edit
  • fixed bug on test prgs: clean installs would fail due to missing temp folder on distribution zip w/o tests\temp folder
  • fixed bug on collectionTest


  • nfJsonRead: Improved error management
  • CollectionTest: added new test


  • Fixed bug: missing closing curly brace on collections as object member
  • Updated collections program test


  • Automatic cast for datetime properties ( ISO-8601 basic format & vfp compilant as described on )
  • nfJsonToCursor Bug Fix: "Date/datetime evaluated to an invalid value" while running under "strictdate = 1" converting empty dates back from Json


  • Added support for control characters encoding ( chr( 0) ~ chr(31) )


  • invalid Json error shows calling program information


  • complex nested objects/arrays validation
  • missing object/array closures validation


  • nfJsonRead performs JSON validation: invalid Json throws error indicating reason.
  • nfJsonPerfTest: proper error management enabled for invalid Json input from clipboard
  • nfJsonToCursor: use of strict date format


Provides a set of fast performance, reliable and easy to use Json functions using pure VFP







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