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Code for Van Hooser lab at Brandeis University


  1. vhlab-toolbox-matlab vhlab-toolbox-matlab Public

    General purpose Matlab toolbox for neuroscience research created by Van Hooser lab and collaborators

    MATLAB 8 8

  2. NDI-matlab NDI-matlab Public

    NDI (Neuroscience Data Interface) is a cross-platform interface standard for reading neuroscience data and storing the results of analyses

    MATLAB 7 9

  3. NDR-matlab NDR-matlab Public

    Neuroscience Data Readers - A Matlab conglomerative library for reading neuroscience data files

    MATLAB 1 1

  4. vhlab-publishedstudies vhlab-publishedstudies Public

    Code for data analysis and figure generation from specific VH lab projects and collaborations

    MATLAB 1 1

  5. vhlab-library-matlab vhlab-library-matlab Public

    VH Lab Matlab libraries; functions that manage and analyze VH lab experiments that are a less general than vhlab-toolbox-matlab

    MATLAB 2

  6. vhlab-NewStim-matlab vhlab-NewStim-matlab Public

    A visual (and auditory) stimulus suite for Matlab that relies on Psychtoolbox

    MATLAB 2


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