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We recommend installing our tools directly from github.

  1. Make sure git is installed on your machine. On Windows, go here. On Mac, open a terminal, and type xcode-select --install . Accept the license and wait for install.

  2. Download the file ndi_install.m to your Desktop. Your web browser may want to save it with a '.txt' extension but please use only '.m'.

  3. Run the following on the Matlab command line:

    cd ~/Desktop


  4. VH Lab members working on unpublished code probably want to follow these instructions to download our private library. (Don't worry, world, these will become public quickly! Unless it's garbage, then you will be spared having to read it.)

Required toolboxes

To use all of our tools, we believe the following Matlab toolboxes are required:



Bioinformatics Toolbox

Control System Toolbox

Curve Fitting Toolbox

Image Processing Toolbox

Instrument Control Toolbox

Optimization Toolbox

Parallel Computing Toolbox

Signal Processing Toolbox


Simscape Multibody

Simulink Control Design


Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

Symbolic Math Toolbox

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