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Introducing VIZ

Build docker images

VIZ is a Graphene blockchain with a Fair-DPOS consensus algorithm (vote weight splitted to selected witnesses, witness gets a penalty for missing a block).


See documentation/ for detailed build instructions, including compile-time options, and specific commands for Linux (Ubuntu LTS) or macOS X.

Running in docker

Auto-built image vizblockchain/vizd is available at docker hub.

Docker image tags:

  • latest - built from master branch, used to run production VIZ network
  • testnet - built from master branch, could be used to run local test network

Example run:

docker run \
    -d -p 2001:2001 -p 8090:8090 -p 8091:8091 --name vizd \

docker logs -f vizd

Seed Nodes

A list of some seed nodes to get you started can be found in share/vizd/seednodes.

This same file is baked into the docker images and can be overridden by setting VIZD_SEED_NODES in the container environment at docker run time to a whitespace delimited list of seed nodes (with port).

Building docker images manually


docker build -t viz:latest -f share/vizd/docker/Dockerfile-production .

Testnet + keep intermediate build containers for debugging:

docker build --rm=false -t viz:testnet -f share/vizd/docker/Dockerfile-testnet .


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