This repository accompanies our ICCP 2017 publication "Real-Time Panoramic Tracking for Event Cameras"
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Real-Time Panoramic Tracking for Event Cameras

This repository provides software for our publication "Real-Time Panoramic Tracking for Event Cameras", ICCP 2017.

If you use this code please cite the following publication (

  author = {Christian Reinbacher and Gottfried Munda and Thomas Pock},
  title = {{Real-Time Panoramic Tracking for Event Cameras}},
  booktitle = {2017 International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP)},
  year = {2017},


For your convenience, the required libraries that are on Github are added as submodules. So clone this repository with --recursive or do a

git submodule update --init --recursive

after cloning.

This software requires:

To compile, first build and install ImageUtilities, then:

cd cnpy
cmake .
(sudo) make install
cd ../libcaer
cmake .
(sudo) make install
cd ..
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../src
make -j6

Per default, the application will compile to support the iniLabs DVS128.


Launch live_tracking_gui <camera_calibration_file.txt> to get to the main application which should look like this:

Camera calibration files are included in the data/ folder, the format is as follows:

<3x3 camera intrinsics matrix>
<width of panorama>
<height of panorama>
<radial distortion coefficient>

Clicking on the play button with an attached camera will start the live reconstruction method. Alternatively, events can be loaded from text files with one event per line:

<timestamp in seconds> <x> <y> <polarity (-1/1)>

If you don't own a camera, there is sample data available in the data/ directory. Simply extract it, load it in the application and press the play button.