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  1. mri-variationalnetwork mri-variationalnetwork Public

    Source code to our paper: "Learning a Variational Network for Reconstruction of Accelerated MRI Data"

    Python 131 46

  2. cnn-crf-stereo cnn-crf-stereo Public

    C++ 56 22

  3. dvs-reconstruction dvs-reconstruction Public

    This repository provides software to our publication "Real-Time Intensity-Image Reconstruction for Event Cameras Using Manifold Regularisation", BMVC 2016

    C++ 52 18

  4. primal-dual-toolbox primal-dual-toolbox Public

    GPU-based Total (Generalized) Variation implementation for various applications, with Python and Matlab wrappers.

    C++ 52 14

  5. tdv tdv Public

    Total Deep Variation Regularizer

    Python 44 10

  6. dvs-panotracking dvs-panotracking Public

    This repository accompanies our ICCP 2017 publication "Real-Time Panoramic Tracking for Event Cameras"

    C++ 35 19


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