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Frontend for the Gram Telegram chat api
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A chat window for your website that allows you to write and receive messages from Telegram. You can use this for implementing customer support chats or various other things.

How to build

Use Yarn or NPM:

  • yarn install or npm install for setup
  • yarn prod or npm run prod for building
  • yarn serve or npm run serve for developing

To use it on your site, you can load the result of the production build like this:

<script defer src="path/to/output/main.js"></script>
window.onload = function () { = Gram.initialize({
    apiKey: "your-api-key",
    // See below for other available options
  // See below for other commands

Available Options

These are the options available to you when initializing the chat.

Name Type Default Value Description
apiKey string undefined If you use a hosted backend solution you will have received this code on signup. If you are writing your own backend, you can configure this freely.
target string "body" What the chat should be attached to. Can be used with ids like "#some-id" or classes like ".some-class".
options object See below All configuration options that affect the behavior of the app. This includes enabling/disabling certain features like attachment sending or time based activation of the chat window.
locales object See below All strings used in the chat are localized. Options not provided fall back to English.
styles object See below Custom colors and other values for styling the chat window according to your websites theme or personal preference.


These are the options available to you for interacting the the initialized chat. If you used the example code above, the instance name will be chat. All of the following functions are called as instance methods on the created chat object. For example, can be found in this list as open.

Method Arguments Description
open/close/toggle none Controls the visibility state of the chat.
push message: string Transforms a string into a message and inserts it into the first position of the chat window. Automatically sets unread message count.
pull none Retrieves new messages from the server.
poll milliseconds: Number Set the interval in milliseconds how often the window should check for new messages. Passing 0 will stop polling altogether, until the function is invoked again.
callback callback: Function Add a function to the callback stack. Each time a message is sent by the user, it will pass through all added callbacks. Callbacks receive a message object that they can directly modify.
clearCallbacks none Removes all functions from the callback stack.


Message object

All the messages are stored internally as an object like follows:

  id: 1,
  message: "Message text",
  from_client: false,
  timestamp: 1552657082278718700,
  hidden: false

Configuration objects


    title: "Example Support Chat",
    name: "Hans",
    errors: {
        couldNotSend: "Could not send message!",
        couldNotPull: "No connection to server!"


  activeHours: ['00:00', '23:59'], // in UTC, can be also be "false" to always show the chat
  activeHours: () => {console.log('Inactive')}, // callback called when time outside active hours
  enableAttachment: false // Currently this only enables the button, as the feature is not yet finished


    // Coming in the next version
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