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A GPU-powered Point Cloud Renderer for Unreal.
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Unreal Engine GPU Point Cloud Renderer

This is a GPU-based Plugin for Real-Time rendering of dynamic and massive point cloud data in Unreal.

This plugin is only for rendering point clouds and does NOT load point cloud files or visualise Kinect data. For loading PCD files, processing point clouds with PCL or fetching data from a Kinect, another plugin will follow soon.


Currently supported Unreal Versions:

  • UE4.21 (master branch)
  • UE4.19 (see other branch)

For installation, copy the plugin to your Engine' or Project's Plugins folder.


The Point Cloud Renderer is implemented as a component you can add to Unreal actors/objects. For rendering point clouds, simply use the PCR Set/Stream Input nodes. The rendering properties can be changed by the PCR Set Dynamic Properties node.

Please mind that the depth-ordering of the points is not correct. For proper depth ordering, change the Blend Mode of the DynPCMat material to "Masked" or use my Sorting Compute Shader for in-place depth-ordering of the points: (and use the "WithComputeShaderSort" branch of this repository).


The plugin is free for personal and academic use. Commercial use has to be negotiated. For more information, send me an E-Mail or read the

The plugin was created in the context of a master thesis at the CGVR institute of the University of Bremen.

Basics Tutorial:


Demo - Huge static point cloud:


Demo - Kinect live stream:


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