Python interface to Eclipse Scripting API
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clmw83 and fizxmike Added more flexible logic to find location of Eclipse API dlls (and e…
…nabled searching for libraries on D drive locations) (#2)

Customer added logic to search for ESAPI DLLs in generic manner, includes D drive as possible location.
Latest commit 2c9e157 Oct 16, 2018



A passion project to help accelerate breakthroughs in medical physics research by bringing the power of Python into the Varian API ecosystem.



  • Access your Eclipse 15.5 (or later) TBOX desktop
  • Install Anaconda3 for "Just Me" (unless you know what you are doing)
    • Use defaults (don't add anaconda to path, but do set ananconda as your default python installation)
  • Optionally install google chrome or chromium browser (for better Jupyter Notebook experience) and set it as your default browser
  • Launch "Anaconda Prompt" by searching in Windows menu
  • Execute the command conda install -c anaconda git
  • If you are behind a proxy do git config --global https.proxy
  • Execute the command pip install git+
  • Execute the command jupyter notebook
  • Create a new notebook and see example.ipynb for basic functionality