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Tinkers' Gregworks

This is an Addon for the Minecraft mods Tinkers' Construct and GregTech. It is entirely made for fun, and nothing else.

What does it do?

The mod adds tool parts for every GregTech material that is valid as a GregTech tool. That means, if you can make a GregTech tool out of a material, you can also make TConstruct tool parts out of it (provided you have TGregworks installed).

All tool parts are made in a GregTech Extruder instead of the Part Builder. Alternatively, they can be made in a Fluid Solidifier if the corresponding config option is enabled.

You can extrude any ingot into two shards (which work the same as TConstruct shards/chunks) and use those instead of ingots for extruding (which may save you half an ingot's worth of material).

You can smelt all unused Tool Parts back into shards and those shards back into ingots using an Alloy Smelter.

All those types of recipes are configurable. If you want to disable shard-to-ingot smelting, for example, you can.

You can disable each material you don't want to be turned into tool parts in the config file.

You can tweak all the traits a material has in the configs. There are global settings applying to all TGregworks tool parts as well as material-specific settings in case you want to make specific materials better/worse than the defaults (defaults are based on GregTech's own tools).

Right now, this mod doesn't do anything else.

It also has support for TiCTooltips.

This mod is not compatible with GregTech 6 right now due to the lack of machines that could be used for adding recipes (GregTech 6 is still considered "Alpha"). Any version of GregTech 5 after (and including) GregTech 5.07.07 should work (including GregTech 5 Unofficial etc.).


Downloads can be found here.


Tinkers' Gregworks is licensed under Calclavia's Educational Public License ( By using or interacting with this software in any way shape or form, you agree to the license of this software.