Virtual Engine test lab deployment and configuration module
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The Lability module enables simple provisioning of Windows Hyper-V development and testing environments. It uses a declarative document for machine configuration. However, rather than defining configurations in an external custom domain-specific language (DSL) document, Lability extends existing PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) configuration .psd1 documents with metadata that can be interpreted by the module.

By using this approach, it allows the use of a single configuration document to describe all properties for provisioning Windows-centric development and/or test environments.

The Lability module will parse the DSC configuration document and provision Hyper-V virtual machines according to the metadata contained within. When invoked, Lability will parse a DSC configuration document and automagically provision the following resources:

  • Virtual machine disk images
    • Download required evaluation Operating System installation media
    • Expand Windows Image (WIM) image files into Sysprep'd virtual machine parent disks, including Server 2016 TP4 and Nano server
    • Apply required/recommended DSC Windows updates
  • Virtual networks
    • Create internal and external Hyper-V switches
  • Virtual machines
    • Connect to the correct virtual switches
    • Inject DSC resources from the host machine
    • Inject a dynamically created Unattend.xml file
    • Inject external ISO, EXE and ZIP resources
    • Inject the virtual machine's DSC document
    • Invoke the Local Configuration Manager (LCM) after Sysprep

An example DSC configuration document might look the following. Note: this is a standard DSC .psd1 configuration document, but has been extended with specific properties which the Lability module can interpret.

    AllNodes = @(
            NodeName = 'DC1';
            Lability_ProcessorCount = 2;
            Lability_SwitchName = 'CORPNET';
            Lability_Media = '2012R2_x64_Standard_EN_Eval';
            NodeName = 'APP1';
            Lability_ProcessorCount = 1;
            Lability_SwitchName = 'CORPNET';
            Lability_Media = '2012R2_x64_Standard_EN_Eval';
    NonNodeData = @{
        Lability = @{
            Network = @(
                @{ Name = 'CORPNET'; Type = 'Internal'; }

When Start-LabConfiguration is invoked with the above configuration document, it will:

  • Create an internal Hyper-V virtual switch named 'CORPNET'
  • Download required Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition evaluation media
    • Create a Sysprep'd Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition parent VHDX
    • Install required/recommended DSC hotfixes
  • Provision two Hyper-V virtual machines called 'DC1' and 'APP1'
    • Each VM will be given 2GB RAM (configurable default)
    • 'DC1' will be assigned 2 virtual CPUs
    • 'APP1' will be assigned 1 virtual CPU
    • Attach each virtual machine to the 'CORPNET' virtual switch
    • Create differencing VHDX for each VM
    • Inject a dynamically created Unattend.xml file into the differencing VHDX

Community Resources

A brief introduction to the VirtualEngineLab module presented at the European PowerShell Summit 2015 can be found here. Other generous members of the community have written some comprehensive guides to compliment the built-in documentation – thank you!



  • Adds -Confirm/-WhatIf support to:
    • Start-LabConfiguration, Remove-LabConfiguration
    • Start-Lab, Stop-Lab, Reset-Lab and Restore-Lab
  • Searches $PWD folder and EnvironmentName sub folder for .mof files (#181)
  • Throws error if unsupported module values are defined (#170)
  • Fixes error copying resource files into custom VHD Windows media (#193)
  • Adds credential encryption/certificate support on Nano server
  • Permits overriding VM generation with the Media\CustomData\VmGeneration property (#194)
  • Adds -RepositoryUri parameter to Set-LabHostDefault to support internal repositories (partially implements #195)
  • Changes default PowerShell gallery URI to HTTPS
  • Removes mounted ISOs when parent VHD/X image creation fails (#166)


  • Updates bundled xHyper-V DSC resource module to
  • Updates bundled xPendingReboot DSC resource module to
  • Fixes calls to stop/start Shell Hardware Detection service on Server Core (#175)
  • Fixes incorrect WIN10_x86_Enterprise_EN_Eval uri (#183)
  • Fixes .VHD files not being removed (#182)
  • Fixes .VHDX files not being dismounted when there are errors creating the disk (#185)
  • Adds Windows Management Framework 5.1 evaluation media
  • Updates examples with xNetworking v3.0.0.0 breaking change (#172)


  • Removes local Administrator password from verbose output (#140)
  • Reinstates the xDhcpServerOption 'Router' parameter in example TestLabGuide.ps1
  • Fixes bug in 'IsLocal' resource when combined with a custom 'DestinationPath' location
  • Adds Server 2016 RTM (and deprecates Server 2016 technical preview) media
  • Adds output formatting to lab images and media
  • Adds descriptive error message for a missing WIM Image Name parameter (#148)
  • Fixes bug where 'Hotfixes' in defined in configuration data (.psd1) media where not injected (#148)
  • Adds Server 2016 RTM Nano Server support
  • Fixes bug where media ProductKey entry was not specified in the generated unattend.xml (#134)
  • Adds Windows ADK support to enable Win 10 and Server 2016 deployments on Win 8.1 and 2012 R2 hosts (#139)


  • Updates Windows 10 media to build 14393 (1607).
  • Adds WIN10_x64_Enterprise_LTSB_EN_Eval and WIN10_x86_Enterprise_LTSB_EN_Eval media.
    • Adds July 2016 CU hotfix (KB3163912) to Windows 10 x86 and x64 LTSB media.
  • Adds June 2016 CU hotfix (KB3172982) to WS2016 TP5 default lab media registrations.
  • Replaces Get-LabVMDefaults, Set-LabVMDefaults aliases with proxy functions with deprecation warning.
  • Replaces Get-LabHostDefaults, Set-LabHostDefaults aliases with proxy functions with deprecation warning.
  • Adds support for injecting modules in VMs (#106).
    • Caches multiple module and DSC resource versions.
    • Adds -ModuleCachePath to Set-LabHostDefault.
    • Adds NonNodeData\Lability\Module = @() and Node\Lability_Module support.
    • Adds Provider = 'FileSystem' support to DSC resource and PowerShell module definitions.
  • Deprecates LabNode functionality (will move to the LabilityBootstrap module).
  • As 'IsLocal' resource flag to support local-only resources, i.e. stored in version control.
  • Fixes bug in VM test when multiple switches are specified on a node.


  • Fixes bug in custom media enumeration in Start-LabConfiguration (#97).
  • Removes importing module warnings when enumerating local module availability.
  • Fixes bug when invoking lab deployments with PSake (#104).
  • Adds Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 media.
  • Fixes bug in Import-LabHostConfiguration where VM defaults contains reference to custom media.
  • Fixes long local module enumeration times on build 14295 and later.
  • Fixes hard-coded '\Program Files\' directory when enumerating modules to resolve localisation issues.
  • Tests computer name for validity before creating a virtual machine (#109).


  • Fixes bug where xHyperVM\Test-TargetResource throws if a VM's VHD has not been created.


  • Removes boot delay in Stop-Lab.
  • Adds GuestIntegrationServices support.
  • Adds Write-Progress support to Reset-LabVM, New-LabVM, Remove-LabVM and Test-LabConfiguration.
  • Adds -IgnorePendingReboot parameter to Start-LabConfiguration.
  • Removes extraneous verbose output from Get-CimInstance in Test-LabHostConfiguration.
  • Fixes bug in Test-LabVM where VM's prefixed name was not resolved causing calls to TestLabVMDisk and TestLabVirtualMachine to fail.
  • Adds -Force switch to Stop-Lab to ensure that locked VMs do not prevent shutdown.
  • Removes unused -UpdatePath parameter from Get/Set-LabHostDefault cmdlets (#77).
  • Fixes bug in Get-LabVM where VMs' prefixed name was not resolved correctly (#89).
  • Adds optional -ConfigurationData switch to Remove-LabVM to support prefixed configurations.
  • Deprecates ConvertToConfigurationData function in favour of the native [ArgumentToConfigurationDataTransformationAttribute()].


  • Fixes BandwidthReservationMode bug where duplicate 'Internal' virtual switches are created.
  • Moves examples into the \Examples directory.
  • Removes trailing space causing Resources.psd1 here string to not appear correctly in certain editors (like VS Code).
  • Adds missing EnvironmentPrefix/Suffix support and tests to Start-Lab, Stop-Lab, Checkpoint-Lab and Restore-Lab.
  • Adds Windows Management Framework v5 media IDs for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 evaluations.
  • Updates bootstrap MOF encoding to Unicode and increases MaxEnvelopeSizekb to 1024Kb to support large .mof files.
  • Adds Get-LabNodeResourceList and Show-LabNodeResourceList cmdlets to support bootstrapping manually configured VMs.
  • Fixes bug in Quick VM switch creation always creating the switch using the default switch name.
  • Adds Write-Progress output to -Lab and -LabConfiguration cmdlets.


  • Adds backup and restore of the Lability host's settings:
    • New Export-LabHostConfiguration and Import-LabHostConfiguration cmdlets added.
  • Adds environment prefix and suffix tagging:
    • Adds NonNodeData\Lability\EnvironmentPrefix and EnvironmentSuffix directives.
    • VM display names and VHD(X) files are named accordingly.
  • Adds Linux VM support:
    • Custom media "OperatingSystem" property added.
    • Defaults to "Windows".
    • If "Linux" if specified, no resources are injected into the VM.
  • Minor updates/fixes:
    • Renames LabHostDefaults.ps1 to LabHostDefault.ps1.
    • Renames LabVMDefaults.ps1 to LabVMDefault.ps1.
    • Adds -SecureBoot to Set-LabVMDefault.
    • Adds Generation property to LabMedia to ensure that VHD files result in Generation 1 VMs.
    • Documentation updates.


  • Updates bundled DSC resources from PSGallery:
    • xHyper-V updated to v3.3.0.0.
    • xPendingReboot updated to v0.2.0.0.
  • Minor updates/fixes:
    • Fixes parameter errors in WindowsFeature\Get-TargetResource calls (#62).
    • Suppresses SCCM client warning output in Get-LabHostConfiguration.
    • Changes Get-LabHostConfiguration output to PSObjects to improve readability.


  • Minor updates/fixes:
    • Removes existing DSC resources in VM before copying local DSC resources.
    • Fixes VM generation bug when custom partition style is defined.
    • Fixes bug creating VMs from custom VHD media.
    • Updates bootstrap to remove existing DSC configurations and restart WMI.


  • Adds DestinationPath directive to custom resources:
    • Permits specifying an alternative relative location than the default \Resources directory.
    • Explicitly exports all functions to allow auto-loading of the module.
  • Minor updates/fixes:
    • Fixes bug expanding environment variables.


  • Minor updates/fixes:
    • Fixes image enumeration with custom VHD media.


  • Adds support for existing virtual switches:
    • Switches no longer need to be defined in the NonNodeData\Lability\Network configuration document.
    • If not defined, an existing virtual switch is used.
    • If there is no local virtual switch, an internal one is automatically created.
  • Adds mutliple MAC address support.


  • Renames module to Lability (#42).
  • Adds NonNodeData\Lability\DSCResource directive:
    • Permits bootstrapping DSC resources from both the PSGallery and directly from Github.
  • Adds manual node configuration:
    • Adds Test-LabNodeConfiguration cmdlet to test a node's configuration.
    • Adds Invoke-LabNodeConfiguration to install Lability certificates and download required DSC resources.

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