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Virtual Photonics

Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative

The Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative was established by the Laser Microbeam and Medical Program (LAMMP), an NIH/NIBIB Biotechnology Resource Center at the Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic in April 2008.


The Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative has four primary goals:

  • (a) Design and distribute easy-to-use open-source software tools with graphical-user interfaces that simulate the propagation and distribution of optical radiation in cells and tissues.

  • (b) Supply educational resources that provide the appropriate foundation for the proper usage of these computational tools.

  • (c) Develop improved computational models to simulate and design optical diagnostic, imaging, and therapeutic modalities.

  • (d) Stimulate the formation of an active community of 'experts' in Computational Biophotonics interested in offering their expertise and in developing advanced simulation tools to advance this open-source effort.

Copyright ©2023 Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative.


  1. Monte Carlo .NET Core command applications for running simulations and post processing

    C# 5

  2. VTS Public

    Virtual Tissue Simulator

    C# 32 8

  3. Mie Simulator GUI

    C++ 16 9

  4. Vts.Gui.Wpf Public

    WPF Application using the Vts library

    C# 3

  5. Vts.Api Public

    A .NET Core API project that uses the VTS library

    C# 1


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