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Mie Simulator GUI

The Mie Simulator GUI is an open source tool for calculating the characteristics of Mie scatterers. This user-friendly tool that is available for Windows and Linux OS, calculates the spectral dependence of the scattering coefficient, scattering cross section, reduced scattering coefficient, phase function, average cosine of the phase function, forward / backward scattering percentage and scattering matrix entries for a single or series of wavelengths. These calculations can be run for mono-disperse and poly-disperse distributions based on Lorentz-Mie solution. The tool is also capable of estimating fitting parameters from the reduced scattering coefficient curve and is limited to the characteristics of the far-field scattering pattern. The Mie Simulator algorithm is based on the BHMIE code available from Bohren and Huffman (John Wiley, 530p, 1983). For absorbing spheres, we considered van de Hulst's (1957) complex refractive index definition (msphere = mreal – j mimag). The Mie Simulator GUI can be downloaded here


Latest Releases

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Getting Started and Documentation

To access getting started in Windows and Linux instructions and other documentation, click here


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