A 2D web Flash arcade game based on the classic Arkanoid.
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© Undead Code Studios 2011

A 2D web Flash arcade game based on the classic Arkanoid.


Development date/period:
  • October-November 2011

My second professional game developed in a game studio (the extint Undead Code Studios). An Arkanoid game with altered mechanic: the pad/player float on water. The water level goes up every few seconds. The player dies if reach the block level or the ball touch the water.

This game is based on my version of Aquanoid for the Game Jam on Campus Party España 2008.

This game was developed using Flixel game framework and FlashDevelop as IDE. Using as3sfxr tool and SfxrSynth API class for some sound sfx effects, generated in runtime.

  • This game was developed in 5 weeks aprox.
  • This repository only included the source code. Not include any dependency source code (Flixel, SFXr, MochiAds...) or any media asset used in game.
  • The folder structure and project file are prepared to used in FlashDevelop IDE.
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