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This is the Neemo web application server, client, and processing queue.

Look at app/cartodb_settings_example.js to see how we configure OAuth processing for the queue


git clone
npm install
node app.js

App.js features

  • Serves a geospatial mapping application
  • Reads and maps existing annotations from CartoDB
  • Provides sockets for clients to subscribe to geospatial areas
  • Serves updates from the subscribed region to the client, real time annotations from other users
  • Puts all annotations into a Redis queue

Queue.js features

  • Reads the Redis queue
  • Uses the Simple SQL API to send annotations for storage on CartoDB

Run App Server

node app.js (redis must be started)

Run Queue Server

node queue.js (redis must be started)

Compressing the javascripts

java -jar bin/compiler.jar \
--js app/public/js/libs/jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.min.js \
--js app/public/js/libs/raphael-min.js \
--js app/public/js/libs/underscore-min.js \
--js app/public/js/libs/backbone-min.js \
--js app/public/js/libs/class.js \
--js app/public/js/libs/plugins.js \
--js app/public/js/Neemo.js \
--js app/public/js/Event.js \
--js app/public/js/Slideshow.js \
--js app/public/js/DataLayer.js \
--js app/public/js/Annotation.js \
--js app/public/js/UserProfile.js \
--js app/public/js/helpers.js \
--js app/public/js/spin.min.js \
--js app/public/regions/tracks.js \
--js app/public/js/Scoreboard.js \
--js_output_file app/public/js/all.js