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CHANCOIN: Tipping Extension

A ChanCoin Chrome and Firefox browser extension for 4chan.

General Information

This extension adds a tip button to 4chan posts with the following name format: <PREFIX>:address where <PREFIX> is one of:

  • $4chn
  • 4CHN
  • $CHAN
  • $chan

If you want to receive tips through this extension, you MUST set your name on 4chan to this format. For example: $4CHN:CbkMmgphehVHQo27tWEzNzLCbEKkwaBwwL

As of version 0.0.5, the name field will automatically insert into the name field. This feature can be toggled off via the popup modal. You can also select the address that you would like the extension to automatically insert or generate a new one. This requires the wallet to be setup and running.

Popup Modal

Once installed, correctly-formatted 4chan posts will have an additional "Tip poster" button in their dropdown box.

Tip button

This extension is also compatible with the 4ChanX extension

Tip button

Clicking on this button will open a prompt that allows you to specify how much you would like to send.


Step 1

The first step is to run the ChanCoin wallet in server mode. This allows the extension to connect to it.

To do this, we'll create a configuration file in the wallet's data folder. This folder is located at %appdata%/chancoin on Windows and /home/<username>/.chancoin on Linux. You can download the .conf file from the repository or copy and paste the following:


Save this file as chancoin.conf.

If the wallet is currently running, it will need to be restarted before the changes take effect.

Step 2

The next step is to install the extension.

To do this, navigate to chrome://extensions/ within chrome or about:addons in firefox. Download the packed Chrome Extension or packed FireFox Extension and drag the downloaded file into your browsers extensions / addon window. After accepting the permissions, the extension will be installed and ready to go.

If you like what I do, feel free to donate!

4CHN: CbaNhNEnVBEx4CmCtDSatEhhwLp9WaCLjQ

BTC: 1L4oM2DRtGseFLBLsUrgyMoM1oZv3FCbCz