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The sample code from the "Simple XCTest Log Formatter" article.
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Simple XCTest Log Formatter in Swift

This is the repo with the sample code for the blog post "Simple XCTest Log Formatter in Swift".

For more information visit


All tests passed

Custom XCTest Log Formatter example

Some of the tests failed

Custom XCTest Log Formatter fail example


  1. Clone this repository
$ git clone
  1. Make sure the formatter file is executable:
$ cd XCTest-Log-Formatter
$ chmod +x format_xctest_log.swift
  1. Copy the formatter file to the repo you want to use it in or simply copy it to /usr/local/bin to make it accessible from everywhere:
cp format_xctest_log.swift /usr/local/bin
  1. Because the formatter formats only the test logs, you need to separate the build and test steps.

Here are the example commands for Alamofire:

# The build step still uses xcpretty :
$ xcodebuild build-for-testing \
-workspace Alamofire.xcworkspace \
-scheme "Alamofire iOS" \
-sdk iphonesimulator \
| xcpretty

# The test step uses the new formatter:
$ xcodebuild test-without-building \
-workspace Alamofire.xcworkspace \
-scheme "Alamofire iOS" \
-destination "id=FE78C58A-0776-41C0-BE1C-FC7C3A07853A" \
| format_xctest_log.swift
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