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Make CapsLock Great Again!

Why CapsLock

Transform Capslock into Hyper, improve your productivity tremendously!

  • Powerful: Make Capslock a great new modifier key: Hyper(✱).
  • Well-Designed: High-Freq key in hot-area. Bring lots of useful functionalities.
  • Compatiable: Work well with other modifiers, appliactions, devices.
  • Light-Weight: Just a small script, carry it everywhere !
  • Design Document


Install (mac)

  1. Download Karabiner-Elements and Install

  2. Copy URL to your browser to import configuration script.

# This Repo (open in safari)
# Karabiner-Elements Offical Script Gallery
  1. Open Karabiner, Tab "ComplexModification", Button "Add Item", and enable entries you like.
  2. Default conf file path is $HOME/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications. Modify it if you like.
  3. Enable functions: [App] karabiner-elements -> [Tab] Complex Modification -> Add Item

Usage (mac)


Hyper actually maps to ⌃⌥⇧⌘ (all right modifiers) , It works well with additional left modifiers. And compatible with most application. Hold CapsLock to enable Hyper funcationality while press it will emit an Escape.

Origin Maps to Comment
Press Escape Single press to escape
Hold Hyper Enable Hyper Functionality


  • Hold Hyper to enable navigators
  • Hold additional Command for selection . (just like holding ⇧shift in normal)
  • Hold additional with HJKL for mouse movement
  • Hold additional with HJKL for switching tab/app
  • Hold additional with HJKL for desktop management . (just like holding ⌃ctrl with arrow key)
Origin Maps to Comment
H LeftArrow cursor left
J DownArrow cursor down
K UpArrow cursor up
L RightArrow cursor right
U PageUp cursor page up
I Home cursor to line(doc) head
O End cursor to line(doc) end
P PageDn cursor page down
⌘H ⇧← LeftArrow cursor left and selection
⌘J ⇧↓ DownArrow cursor down and selection
⌘K ⇧↑ UpArrow cursor up and selection
⌘L ⇧→ RightArrow cursor right and selection
⌥H LeftArrow mouse left
⌥J DownArrow mouse down
⌥K UpArrow mouse up
⌥L RightArrow mouse right
⌃H LeftArrow expose all
⌃J DownArrow show desktops
⌃K UpArrow switch prev desktop
⌃L RightArrow switch next desktop


  • Emulate mouse with keyboard
  • Also can be archived by with HJKL
Origin Maps to Comment
MouseLeft mouse cursor left
MouseDown mouse cursor down
MouseUp mouse cursor up
MouseRight mouse cursor right
MouseLeft mouse left button click
⌘↩ MouseRight mouse right button click


Origin Maps to Comment
N ⌥⌫ Option + ForwardDelete Delete a word ahead
M ForwardDelete Delete a char ahead
, Delete Delete a char after
. ⌥⌦ Option + Delete Delete a word after
⌘M,⌘N ⌘⌥⌫ Command+Option+ForwardDelete Delete to line head

Window Control

Origin Maps to Comment
Tab ⌘⇥ Command+Tab Switch Window
⌘⇥ Command+Tab ⌘⇧⇥ Command+Shift+Tab Switch Window Reversely
Q ⌘Q Close Window
W ⌘W Close Tab
A ⌃⌥⇧⌘A Leaves to Moom, ※a window resize app
⌘A ⌃↑ Ctrl+UpArrow OSX Expose All
S ⌃⇥ Ctrl+Tab Switch Tab
⌘S ⌃⇧⇥ Ctrl+Shift+Tab Swtich Tab Reversely
⌘D F11 Show Desktop

Bash Control

  • Common bash utils: EOF, SIGINT, SIGTSTP, VIM/Tmux Prefix
Origin Maps to Comment
X ⌃R Ctrl+R IDE Run
V ⌃VCtrl+V Vim Prefix
B ⌃BCtrl+B Tmux Default Prefix
D ⌃D Ctrl+D EOF


  • Maybe you'd like overwrite these with your own favorite apps.
Origin Maps to Comment
E Open Safari Open Web Browser
⌘E Open Finder Open File Browser
R Open iTerm2 Great terminal for osx (Run)
⌘R Open Preview Switch to opened picture, pdf, etc...
T Open Visual Studio Code Text Editor: Visual Studio Code
⌘T Open Typora Text Editor: Typora , a great WYSIWYG md editor
⌘D Open Dictionary Find words
⌘F Open Dash Find API Document
F Open Alfred Leaves to ⌃⌥⇧⌘F
⌘D Open Dictionary Find words
G Open Intellij IDEA Open IDE
⌘G Open Chrome Google Chrome


  • Use F1,…F12 as standard functional keys, while hold hyper to turn them back.

  • If you are using RMBP with Bar, consider changing your bar back to function keys with

    Karabiner -> Function Keys -> Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys

Origin Maps to Comment
F1 BrightnessDown
F2 BrightnessUp
F3 ExposeAll
F4 LaunchPad
F5 KeyboardLightDown
F6 KeyboardLightUp
F7 MusicPrev
F8 MusicPlay
F9 MusicNext
F10 Mute
F11 VolumeDown
F12 VolumeUp
F13 PrintScreen MusicPrev
F14 ScrollLock MusicNext
F15 Pause MusicPlay Just as it shows
Insert ⌥BrightnessUp Fine grained brightness up
Delete ⌥BrightnessDown Fine grained brightness down
Home ⌥KeyboardLightUp Fine grained keyboard light up
End ⌥KeyboardLightDown Fine grained keyboard light down
PgUp ⌥VolumeUp Fine grained volume up
PgDn ⌥VolumeDown Fine grained volume down


  • A more convient shift for most case
  • Semicolon; and Quote ' have some special treatment, makes input != and := easier
Origin Maps to Comment
1 ! Exclamation
2 @ At
3 # Sharp
4 $ Dollar
5 % Percent
6 ^ Caret
7 & Ampersand
8 * Star
9 ( Left Round Bracket
0 ) Right Round Bracket
- Minus _ Hyphen
= Equal + Plus
[ Left Bracket ( Left Round Bracket ⇧9
] Right Bracket ) Right Round Bracket ⇧0
; Semicolon ! Exclamation
' Single Quote = EqualSign
⌘; Semicolon ! Colon
⌘' Single Quote = EqualSign


Origin Maps to Comment
Escape CapsLock Bug: Difficult to turn capslock off after emit
~ BackQuote ⌃⇧⌘4 macOS Area Screenshot to Clipboard
⌘~ Command+BackQuote ⌃⇧4 macOS Area Screenshot to Desktop File
Backspace ⌘⌫ macOS Delete File
/ Slash ⌘/ Command+Slash Comment/Uncomment in many IDE
\ Backslash ⌘/ Command+Slash Comment/Uncomment in many IDE
Spacebar ⌃␢ Ctrl+Spacebar Switch Input Source

Symbol Reference

Modifiers: Mac

Sym Key

Modifiers: ⊞Windows

Sym Key

Normal Keys

Command, Cmd, Clover, (formerly) Apple
Control, Ctl, Ctrl
Option, Opt, (Windows) Alt
Caps lock
↩, ↵, ⏎ Return, Carriage Return
Delete, Backspace
Forward Delete
Escape, Esc
Right arrow
Left arrow
Up arrow
Down arrow
Page Up, PgUp
Page Down, PgDn
Tab, Tab Right, Horizontal Tab
Shift Tab, Tab Left, Back-tab
Space, Blank
Space, Blank
❘⃝ Power
Num lock
?⃝ Help
Context menu


  • Q: Why using ✱ as symbol of hyper key?

    A:Cause asterisk have the ascii code 42, which is the answer to life, the universe, and everything! while itself has meaning 'star'. ✱ (Heavy-Asterisk) is a pretty version of * (Asterisk). Actually I would choose ☯ if Github could render it properly...

  • Q:Why Linux support is missing?

    A:because I choose Mac, and use Linux through terminal.

  • Q: Why there is some different key bindings between Mac version and Win version?

    A: I don't use windows anymore, Win version is no longer maintained. Welcome if you can fix that.

  • Q: Why there's an old Mac version?

    A: Apple is really capricious. macOS Sierra changes it's kernel architecture, so the old version karabiner is incompatible with macOS after 10.12. But now there's a new version of karabiner named karabiner-elements. While karabiner-elements use a new JSON-format conf instead of old XML-format. Please using the new version.


Author:Vonng (


Do What The Fuck you want to Public License

Version 1.0
Copyright (C) 2018 Feng Ruohang (Vonng).
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.

Ok, the purpose of this license is simple
and you just