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Java Batch Specification Wiki

Welcome to the official Wiki for the Java Batch specification! This is the authoritative source for the latest information on JSR 352 - Batch Applications for the Java Platform.

May 2017 - Update - Work on Batch 1.1 has been delayed, deferred to EE 9 !

See Priorities page for the 1.1 project priorities and tasks, etc.

Q & A

Q. What is the nature of the specification update?

A. This work is targeted as a Maintenance Release of JSR 352 (Java Batch 1.0), and we’re assuming it will be named Batch 1.1. We’re targeting inclusion in the EE 9 platform update (developed under JSR 366). See here for more JCP process info.

Q. When is the Batch 1.1 update roadmap / target date?

A. TBD, at this point we’re not very actively engaged but hope to be in the near future.

Q. What is the proposed content of the 1.1 update?

A. TBD, earlier suggestions include: evolving and clarifying CDI and DI integration, and a bunch of miscellaneous other things.

At this point there are not really a set of themes, just a set of individual proposed updates that more or less stand on their own. One exception worth elaborating on probably is the effort to further evolve Batch & CDI integration, to expand a bit the common subset of DI-independent required behaviors, and to further clarify the requirements for CDI integration and the details of plugging in a DI other than CDI.

See the Priorities page for details on how to view the individual items proposed for 1.1.

Q. What are the basic platform and Java SE requirements proposed for the Batch 1.1 update?

A. Working assumption is that Batch 1.1. will prereq Java 8. As with the original JSR 352, this targets both the EE and SE environments. As mentioned, the plans are for inclusion in the EE 8 platform. There are no plans for inclusion in the JDK (SE platform).

Q. How can I contribute and participate?


First, the basics: join the project and subscribe to the mailing list
  1. Create a id and join the jbatch project by going here and clicking the Join Project button

  2. Subscribe to the public mailing list here. This is the list, (not the issues list used to get auto-notified of bugzilla updates).

After that, see the Priorities page for more details.

Q. How can I open a new spec issue

A. Join the project, (as described in the previous question’s answer). Then follow these instructions.

Q. Who makes up the Expert Group? Can I join the Expert Group?

A. As a Maintenance Release on top of the original JSR 352 (Java Batch 1.0), there is no Expert Group at this stage in the JCP process. So contributions can best be done by joining the mailing list, etc., as mentioned above.

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