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This repository contains applications of the WEC-Sim code, including tutorials by the WEC-Sim team as well as user-shared examples.

To contribute an example follow these guidelines:

  • Create a folder on the top level with a single example.
  • Do not include results as these take up space and can easily be generated by running the example.
  • Using the file create a file for your example. Include the example name, the author, WEC-Sim version, and description.
  • Using the TestB2B.m test as a template, create a TestCASE.m file that will run BEMIO and check the functionality of your application when changes are made to the WEC-Sim source code.
  • Create a pull request. The WEC-Sim team will review your example and add it to the repo.

Testing Applications

Tests are provided for the applications using the MATLAB unit testing framework.

Individual test files are typically found at the same level as a hydroData directory, with a file name like Test<Something>.m. These test files may test multiple application cases that use the same hydrodynamic data.

To run the tests it is assumed that the latest version of WEC-Sim is installed. For tests containing the name "MoorDyn", it is also necessary to install the MoorDyn module into WEC-Sim. The tests in the Desalination folder require the Simscape Fluids toolbox.

Assuming that the WEC-Sim_Applications source code is located at some path \path\to\WEC-Sim_Applications, then to test the Body-to-Body Interaction application cases, the following commands can be given in the MATLAB interface:

>> cd \path\to\WEC-Sim_Applications\Body-to-Body_Interactions
>> runtests("TestB2B.m")

Alternatively, the TestB2B.m file can be opened in the MATLAB editor and then the tests can be run by selecting the Run Tests action in the EDITOR ribbon.

A shortcut for running all the tests in the repository is provided at the root level with the wecSimAppTest.m function. This function can be run from the root directory, as follows:

>> cd \path\to\WEC-Sim_Applications
>> wecSimAppTest

Alternatively, the function can also be used to run tests in a particular directory. For instance, run the tests in the End_Stops directory as follows:

>> wecSimAppTest End_Stops


This repository is a collection of WEC-Sim applications. These application cases demonstrate advanced features of the WEC-Sim code.