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@benlk benlk released this Oct 26, 2017 · 733 commits to trunk since this release

This is a maintenance release containing bug fixes for v0.5.5.

This release breaks compatibility with PHP versions before 5.5: If you are still using PHP 5.5 or earlier, please be warned that they no longer receive security patches:

  • Updates some minor documentation
  • Fixes a bug where using an image gallery on a post caused the post to scroll to the gallery upon page load (8acc31d)
  • Fixes a bug where the current post was included in a list of related posts for the current post (#1403)
  • Fixes an undefined warning regarding meta boxes (#1408 for #1406)
  • Fixes several undefined notices in featured media functionality (#1350)
  • Cleans up inc/helpers.php (#1407)
  • Reorders the featured media dialog's UI from "Embed, Video, Image, Gallery" to "Image, Gallery, Video, Embed" (#1408)
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