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d3-balloon.js – A d3.js extension for interactive balloon plots in the Web

April/Mai 2017, Markus Konrad / Berlin Social Science Center

d3-balloon.js is an extension for d3.js v4 for interactive balloon plots that look like these:

balloon plot example

balloon plot example with mouseover

You can also have a look at a live example with random data here:

This plot has been created with the following simple code:

// create the balloon plot
var bplot = balloonplot(370, 200)
    .position(40, 65)               // set the top-left offset
    .transition(transition)         // enable transitions
    .colorScale('y', yColor)        // set the row-wise colors
    .interactionOnElements(['circle', 'x', 'y'])   // enable interactions for mouseover/touch on circles and axes
    .valueTextFmt(function (v) { return Math.round(v * 100) / 100; })   // custom value formatter
    .data(data)                     // pass the 2D data matrix
    .xAxis(d3.axisTop, xLabels)     // enable the X axis and pass the tick labels
    .yAxis(d3.axisRight, yLabels)   // enable the Y axis and pass the tick labels
    .legend('bottom', 3);           // legend below the plot with 3 sample circles

// add it to the SVG canvas
    .attr("class", "balloon_plot");
bplot.init();   // starts transition

Notice: It only works with d3.js version 4.x, not with version 3.x!


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