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Demo Integration Tests with WebdriverIO and Mocha
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Demo WebDriverIO with Mocha

Demo WebDriverIO is a demonstration project of integration tests. In this project the user sends a message to the customer service on Automation Practice.
These tests are developed in JS with WebDriverIO and Mocha


Getting Started

Install the dependencies:

yarn install

Start a Selenium Server with Zalenium:

docker-compose up -d zalenium

In wdio.conf.js file configure the host of the Selenium Server hostname (default: localhost).

If you don't want to start a Selenium Server, you can use Selenium Standalone from wdio (if you have JDK installed).
So, you should uncomment the line 60 on wdio.conf.js.
Then the tests run on your machine without a docker selenium.

Run e2e tests:

yarn tests:e2e

Run visual regression tests:

yarn tests:visualregression


alt text

Run this command to generate the allure report in the directory ./test-report/allure-report:

yarn report:generate

You can run this command to start a server on your machine and open the allure report on the browser:

yarn report:open

Also, you can see Timeline report in ./test-report/timeline

Eslint and Prettier

Run check lint:

yarn code:check

Run format lint:

yarn code:format

Follow this article to contribute and create a good commit message.

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