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Lint commit messages

Demo generated with svg-term-cli

cat docs/assets/commitlint.json | svg-term --out docs/assets/commitlint.svg --frame --profile=Seti --height=20 --width=80

npm latest CircleCI

  • πŸš“ Be a good commitizen
  • πŸ“¦ Share configuration via npm
  • πŸ€– Tap into conventional-changelog


What is commitlint

commitlint checks if your commit messages meet the conventional commit format.

In general the pattern mostly looks like this:

type(scope?): subject  #scope is optional

Real world examples can look like this:

chore: run tests on travis ci
fix(server): send cors headers
feat(blog): add comment section

Common types according to commitlint-config-conventional (based on the the Angular convention) can be:

  • build
  • ci
  • chore
  • docs
  • feat
  • fix
  • perf
  • refactor
  • revert
  • style
  • test

These can be modified by your own configuration.

Benefits using commitlint

Getting started

# Install commitlint cli and conventional config
npm install --save-dev @commitlint/{config-conventional,cli}
# For Windows:
npm install --save-dev @commitlint/config-conventional @commitlint/cli

# Configure commitlint to use conventional config
echo "module.exports = {extends: ['@commitlint/config-conventional']}" > commitlint.config.js

To lint commits before they are created you can use Husky's 'commit-msg' hook:

  "husky": {
    "hooks": {
      "commit-msg": "commitlint -E HUSKY_GIT_PARAMS"

Detailed Setup instructions


  • Primary way to interact with commitlint.
  • npm install --save-dev @commitlint/cli
  • Packages: cli


  • Configuration is picked up from commitlint.config.js, .commitlintrc.js, .commitlintrc.json, or .commitlintrc.yml file or a commitlint field in package.json
  • Packages: cli, core
  • See Rules for a complete list of possible rules
  • An example configuration can be found at @commitlint/config-conventional

Shared configuration

A number of shared configurations are available to install and use with commitlint:

⚠️ If you want to publish your own shareable config then make sure it has a name aligning with the pattern commitlint-config-emoji-log or commitlint-config-your-config-name β€” then in extend all you have to write is emoji-log or your-config-name.


  • Alternative, programmatic way to interact with commitlint
  • Packages:
    • format - Format commitlint reports
    • lint - Lint a string against commitlint rules
    • load - Load shared commitlint configuration
    • read - Read commit messages from a specified range or last edit
  • See API for a complete list of methods and examples



Ideas: conventional-changelog/commitlint#94

commitlint is considered stable and is used in various projects as development tool.

We identify ease of adoption and developer experience as fields where there is room and need for improvement. The items on the roadmap should enhance commitlint regarding those aspects.

Version Support

  • Node.js LTS >= 6
  • git >= 2

Related projects

  • conventional-changelog – Generate a changelog from conventional commit history
  • commitizen – Simple commit conventions for internet citizens
  • create-semantic-module – CLI for quickly integrating commitizen and commitlint in new or existing projects
  • - helps your project to ensures nice and tidy commit messages without needing any download or installation


Copyright by @marionebl. All commitlint packages are released under the MIT license.


commitlint is developed in a mono repository.

Install and run

git clone
cd commitlint
npx yarn install
npx yarn run build # run build tasks
npx yarn start # run tests, again on change

For more information on how to contribute please take a look at our contribution guide.

Publishing a release

npx yarn run clean
npx yarn install
npx yarn run build
npx yarn test
npx yarn run publish
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