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This page is incomplete. For a complete description of plugins, see the default config file, wayfire.ini.default

Wayfire configuration

Wayfire is managed through a config file, typically located in ~/.config/wayfire.ini. The location can be overriden using the -c <config file> argument when staring Wayfire.

Probably the easiest way to edit the configuration options is the WIP Wayfire config manager (WCM). However, it is still missing many important options (like output configuration and the command plugin), so for the time being you most probably want to edit the config file directly.

Config file structure

The configuration file follows a simple ini file format. It is divided into sections, which consist of multiple options, for ex.

example_option1 = value1
example_option2 = value2

There are several types of values:

  1. Integer, double, string

Examples: option = 1.0, option = your string

  1. Colors

They are represented by of four floating point numbers in RGBA format.
Example: option = 0.5 0.5 0.5 1.0 means a fully opaque grey color.

  1. Key- and buttonbindings

These represent a combination of modifier + key/button.
Modifiers can be <shift>, <ctrl>, <alt> and/or <super>.
Keys and buttons have names as defined in /usr/include/linux/input-event-codes.h.

Examples: option = <super> <shift> KEY_F, option = <ctrl> BTN_RIGHT

  1. Touch and axis bindings

These are represented via a modifier combination, for ex. option = <alt> means alt+scroll for an axis binding.

  1. Touch gesture bindings

Represent a touchscreen gesture (in the future also touchpad support is planned)


option = swipe 3 up        #swipe up with 3 fingers <br/>
option = pinch 3 in        # pinch in(can also be set with out) with 3 fingers <br/>
option = edge-swipe 4 left # swipe left with 4 fingers, starting from the edge of the screen <br/>
  1. Activator bindings

Activator bindings combine multiple key/button/touch bindings, so that a single action can be triggered from multiple bindings. Example: toggle = <alt> BTN_EXTRA | pinch out 3 | <alt> KEY_E

Currently available options

The documentation for individual options has been split into multiple pages:

  1. Core options
  2. Basic plugins
  3. TBD: Desktop effects
  4. TBD: Misc plugins
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