Use high-level interfaces of NSCalendar and NSDateComponents in lower version than iOS8
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  • Use high-level interfaces of NSCalendar and NSDateComponents in lower iOS version than iOS8

The main purpose of this repo is to support FSCalendar with a iOS7-compatibility, but even if you didn't use it, you can also benefit with this repo and get rid of the unrecognized selector crash when you use these api UNDER iOS8.0.

// NSCalendar
@interface NSCalendar

 + (nullable NSCalendar *)calendarWithIdentifier:(NSString *)calendarIdentifier;
 - (nullable NSDate *)dateWithEra:(NSInteger)eraValue year:(NSInteger)yearValue month:(NSInteger)monthValue day:(NSInteger)dayValue hour:(NSInteger)hourValue minute:(NSInteger)minuteValue second:(NSInteger)secondValue nanosecond:(NSInteger)nanosecondValue;
 - (nullable NSDate *)dateWithEra:(NSInteger)eraValue yearForWeekOfYear:(NSInteger)yearValue weekOfYear:(NSInteger)weekValue weekday:(NSInteger)weekdayValue hour:(NSInteger)hourValue minute:(NSInteger)minuteValue second:(NSInteger)secondValue nanosecond:(NSInteger)nanosecondValue;
 - (NSDate *)dateByAddingUnit:(NSCalendarUnit)unit value:(NSInteger)value toDate:(NSDate *)date options:(NSCalendarOptions)options;
 - (NSInteger)component:(NSCalendarUnit)component fromDate:(NSDate *)date;
 - (BOOL)isDate:(NSDate *)date1 inSameDayAsDate:(NSDate *)date2;
 - (BOOL)isDateInToday:(NSDate *)date;
 - (BOOL)isDateInYesterday:(NSDate *)date;
 - (BOOL)isDateInTomorrow:(NSDate *)date;
 - (BOOL)isDateInWeekend:(NSDate *)date;
 - (NSComparisonResult)compareDate:(NSDate *)date toDate:(NSDate *)date toUnitGranularity:(NSCalendarUnit)unit;
 - (BOOL)isDate:(NSDate *)date1 equalToDate:(NSDate *)date2 toUnitGranularity:(NSCalendarUnit)unit;


// NSDateComponents
@interface NSDateComponents

 - (void)setValue:(NSInteger)value forComponent:(NSCalendarUnit)unit;
 - (NSInteger)valueForComponent:(NSCalendarUnit)unit;

How to use

  • Just drag files under Source folder into your project..

  • Available in iOS6 and iOS7

  • As the implementations are injected with runtime techs, you DON'T have to do #import.
  • All testings are going under the Unit Test target.