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Natalia, a Telegram Administrative assistant bot by @whalepoolbtc - https://whalepool.io

A simple telegram bot to help with the moderation of the telegram channels utilizing python-telegram-bot


  • Start / Welcome console with a selection of prebuild simple messages/pages
  • Message logging to mongo db
  • Fetch/Display top stickers from rooms
  • Fetch/Display top gifs posted from rooms
  • Name and Shame the top gif posts in rooms
  • Generate a wordcloud from the last days worth of chat in rooms
  • Generate a wordcloud from the last days top contributing users
  • Promotots - a global room messaging function for messaging all your rooms/broadcast channels with a specific message/sticker etc
  • Shill - A global room messaging shilling command
  • Command Stats - See stats on the lasts months worth of command requests from the bot
  • Join Stats - See stats on the last months worth of joins to your rooms
  • Welcome new users to your rooms with a message or select from a pool of welcome messages to keep it varief & fun
  • Automatically restrict new users in certain rooms to read only/no gif privledges for x amount of time etc
  • Forward private messages sent to the bot to the bot owner to see where users are going wrong in interacting with the bot
  • Live feed outputting int the console of the messages the bot is seeing come through
  • Identify photo messages with specific hash tags to forward them to your broadcast rooms
  • Automatically delete uncompressed images posted into rooms and request a compressed image be used instead
  • Scan links that users post for affiliate links, remove their post, replace with a message with your own appropriate affiliate link, ban the user
  • Forward urls posted to rooms from specific websites matching regex to your feed channels


  1. Mongodb
  2. Install pip requirements sudo pip3.6 install -r requirements.pip

Setup config

cp config.sample.yaml config.yaml
Edit the config.yaml file accordingly
You will have to edit/set some of the rooms under natalia.py for your room id's and feed room ids etc


To run:
python3.6 natalia.py

For more info join @whalepoolbtc on telegram

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