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This repository contains the iOS and Android sample apps and API for creating third party sticker packs for WhatsApp.


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WhatsApp Stickers

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This repository contains the iOS and Android sample apps and API for creating third party sticker packs for WhatsApp.

If you'd like to create your own stickers for WhatsApp, you can package them in an Android or iOS app.

For Android users, you can publish your sticker app to the Google Play Store and users who download and install your app will be able to start sending those stickers right away from within WhatsApp. For iOS developers please read the IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT iOS APPS section.

Stickers on WhatsApp must be legal, authorized and acceptable. Learn more about acceptable uses of our services from our Terms of Service.

Get started 🚀

To get started, review the README files in the Android or iOS folders, and refer to the FAQ.


With Apple’s strict App Store review policy, we recommend iOS developers to submit apps that contain more functionality than to simply export stickers. This will increase the chances of the app being accepted. As an alternative to creating an iOS app, there are various sticker maker apps that help you create and import stickers into WhatsApp.

The sample iOS app is an example of how to use our API to import stickers into WhatsApp and can serve as a guide on how to get started, but it is not meant to be used as a template for your app because it will not be accepted by Apple.

Announcements 📢

Please check out Announcements for recent changes.

Brand guidelines

When naming your app, it is strongly advised you do not use "WhatsApp" anywhere in the name of your app or in the name field of your app listing. However, when preparing your app for submission in Google Play Store/App Store, you'll have the option to add description associated with your app and it's okay to mention WhatsApp in the description. Make sure you use "WhatsApp" as a brand name, with "W" and "A" capitalized with no space between letters. More information on WhatsApp Brand(

Opening Issues ⚠️

Only use the GitHub Issues section if you discovered issues with the code itself. Do not mistake the Issues page as a help desk. You can ask for help at Stack Overflow.
For support, please contact

For all three options, fill in all fields that apply.

Opening Pull Requests

In order for us to accept pull requests, please complete the Contributor License Agreement by following instructions in CONTRIBUTING.

  1. Please check that a similar pull request doesn't exist already here
  2. Open a new pull request
  3. Wait for someone to look at it ⌚


WhatsApp Stickers is BSD licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.