This repository contains the iOS and Android sample apps and API for creating third party sticker packs for WhatsApp.
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WhatsApp Stickers

If you'd like to create your own stickers for WhatsApp, you can package them in an Android or iOS app. You can publish your sticker app like any other app to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and users who download and install your app will be able to start sending those stickers right away from within WhatsApp. Stickers on WhatsApp must be legal, authorized and acceptable. Learn more about acceptable uses of our services from our Terms of Service.

To get started, review the README files in the Android or iOS folders, and refer to the FAQ at


  • Only use the GitHub Issues section if you discovered issues with the code itself. Do not mistake the Issues page as a help desk. For support, please contact
  • If you create issues or pull requests that are spammy by nature, you will be reported for abusive behavior immediately. You are providing no benefit to anyone.
  • If you create issues, please indicate the platform by putting [iOS] or [Android] in the beginning of the issue title. Please make sure you have read the README files for each platform before you file an issue. For Android, please assign the issue to simonzhexu. For iOS, please assign the issue to amrit-1901. Unassigned issues will not be looked at due to work load. Your issue needs to be as specific as possible, please include the OS Level, Device Manifacture, specific problem you have, and how we can reproduce the problem. If your app is already published, please indicate the store link on where we can download your app. If your app is open sourced, please include a github url for your source.

Pull Requests

  • In order for us to accept pull requests, please complete the Contributor License Agreement by following instructions in CONTRIBUTING.


WhatsApp Stickers is BSD licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.