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Getting your clubsite

The first step to using WhyJustRun is getting your clubsite, the web app that is specially for your club. We host the web app on our servers, and will initially set up your clubsite as as subdomain of You can later change the domain name once you are happy with your clubsite and are ready to replace your existing club website.

  1. Register for a WhyJustRun account if you haven't already. This account works across all clubs using WhyJustRun (GVOC, KOC, FWOC, Stars, VICO, SAGE, etc). If you haven't yet, you can go here to set up your account.
  2. Email to get your clubsite, in the message, mention the email address you signed up with so we know who to give administrator access to. Also provide us a URL to your club's Facebook Page in order to take advantage of Facebook Page integration.

Custom domain

We are happy to support custom domains for clubsite. You can email to get that set up.

Setting up your clubsite

Once we have your clubsite set up for you, we will email you the URL of your clubsite so you can log in and start setting the page up.

Once you get to your site, click the Sign in/Sign up link in the navigation bar, and continue to sign in to your account.

You will now have administrator access to your clubsite.

On your clubsite, most editing functionality is accessible directly from the public pages. If you want to add an event, you will see a button to do that on the home page and on the calendar. To edit an event, just go to the event, click Edit, then choose what part of the event you want to edit. The only thing is, if you aren't seeing these buttons, make sure you are logged in to your account, because people without edit permissions won't see the edit buttons, which is a little confusing the first time!

Admin section

Before you start adding events, it is useful to do some other administration of your club, like adding event series, and additional administrators and club executives to help maintain the site. To do this, go to the bottom of any page on your clubsite, and click "Admin" (near the bottom right of the page). This will take you to your control panel, where you can configure various parts of the site.

Customize design

Go ahead and add event series and additional administrators now. To add people, they will have to already have a WhyJustRun account (this won't be a problem after your first club event when everyone will be registered already).

Header photo

You will also want to add a header photo for your clubsite. Go to the "Customize design" section to do this. The photo should be 2600 pixels wide, and no more than 300 pixels tall. Note this resolution is for retina displays, on normal displays, the actual image displayed on your site will be approximately 1300x150.

Also upload a high resolution logo of your club from this page (at least 1000x1000 pixels). This isn't currently used anywhere but will be in the future.

Home page

Almost everyone that interacts with your club will use your home page, so it is important that it is awesome! Two thirds of the page are done for you automatically, pulling in your club's Facebook page updates, and your event calendar (which you will set up in the next section). That leaves the "Welcome" section. To edit this content, just click on "Welcome", and you will see the text magically becomes editable! You can enter information about your club here, and add photos using the rich text editor (note: no photo hosting is done by WhyJustRun, so you will have to link to photos hosted elsewhere, like Flickr or Facebook). Once you're done, just click Save and the welcome section contact will be updated. The click to edit functionality doesn't work everywhere, but it does work for the welcome section on the home page, maps page, contact page, and resource pages.


Once you have that all set up, click Add Event. Enter all the relevant information about your event, and add courses to allow people to pre-register. Also, add event organizers to give those people edit access to that event. This means you don't have to do that much work other than adding the event and adding event organizers. The event organizers won't be able to be added unless they have a WhyJustRun account, so if you don't see them, you will have to ask them to make an account first. Once you have added the event, click save and you will see the event page.

Resource Pages

Resource pages are totally customizable pages where you can add any freeform content. They are especially useful for providing information to club members or the public about general club operation. To create one, just go to the Resources section, then use the Add Page form at the bottom.


You can add your club's orienteering maps to our site to make it easier for event organizers to access maps. Click the add map button on the "Maps" page to load the form, then you can paste a URL to where your OCAD file is hosted (we do not host OCAD files for new clubs), so users can easily download it. The form also allows you to upload an image of the map (you should export this from OCAD), since we don't have a way to render images from OCAD files on our server. Uploading an image makes the map pages much more usable for club members, especially those that don't have a copy of OCAD, and will let you generate a "banner image" a small snapshot of the map shown next to events associated with the map on the home page. After pressing Save, you'll be taken to the new map page. To generate the "banner image", press "Edit" to go to the form again, and then press Generate to take a random slice of the map image. Keep pressing generate until you're happy with the banner image.

Pinterest (Rich Pin support)

We integrate with Pinterest to allow users to easily pin course maps. If your clubsite is a subdomain of, rich pinning will work automatically. If you are using a custom domain, you need to apply to get your domain approved. To get it approved, use a URL to an event on your clubsite with the pin validator. Apply here

Feel free to submit pull requests with bug fixes and improvements to our projects on Github:

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