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function Submit-BTNotification {
Submits a completed toast notification for display.
The Submit-BTNotification function submits a completed toast notification to the operating systems' notification manager for display.
Submit-BTNotification -Content $Toast1 -UniqueIdentifier 'Toast001'
This command submits the complete toast content object $Toast1, from the New-BTContent function, and tags it with a unique identifier so that it can be replaced/updated.
[CmdletBinding(SupportsShouldProcess = $true)]
param (
# A Toast Content object which is the Base Toast element, created using the New-BTContent function.
[Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.Notifications.ToastContent] $Content,
# When updating toasts (not curently working) rapidly, the sequence number helps to ensure that toasts recieved out of order will not be displayed in a manner that may confuse.
# A higher sequence number indicates a newer toast.
[uint64] $SequenceNumber,
# A string that uniquely identifies a toast notification. Submitting a new toast with the same identifier as a previous toast will replace the previous toast.
# This is useful when updating the progress of a process, using a progress bar, or otherwise correcting/updating the information on a toast.
[string] $UniqueIdentifier,
# Specifies the AppId of the 'application' or process that spawned the toast notification.
[string] $AppId = $Script:Config.AppId
if (!(Test-Path -Path "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Notifications\Settings\$AppId")) {
Write-Warning -Message "The AppId $AppId is not present in the registry, please run New-BTAppId to avoid inconsistent Toast behaviour."
$null = [Windows.UI.Notifications.ToastNotificationManager, Windows.UI.Notifications, ContentType = WindowsRuntime]
$null = [Windows.Data.Xml.Dom.XmlDocument, Windows.Data.Xml.Dom.XmlDocument, ContentType = WindowsRuntime]
$ToastXml = [Windows.Data.Xml.Dom.XmlDocument]::new()
$CleanContent = $Content.GetContent().Replace('<text>{', '<text>')
$CleanContent = $CleanContent.Replace('}</text>', '</text>')
$CleanContent = $CleanContent.Replace('="{', '="')
$CleanContent = $CleanContent.Replace('}" ', '" ')
$Toast = [Windows.UI.Notifications.ToastNotification]::new($ToastXml)
if ($SequenceNumber) {
$Toast.Data = [Windows.UI.Notifications.NotificationData]::new()
$Toast.Data.SequenceNumber = $SequenceNumber
if ($UniqueIdentifier) {
$Toast.Group = $UniqueIdentifier
$Toast.Tag = $UniqueIdentifier
if($PSCmdlet.ShouldProcess( "submitting: [$($Toast.GetType().Name)] with AppId $AppId, Id $UniqueIdentifier, Sequence Number $($Toast.Data.SequenceNumber) and XML: $CleanContent")) {