A Fast, Open Source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio Implementation
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Important: This repository is no longer maintained

Issues and pull requests will no longer be addressed. However, the doors are always open to add maintainers.

Please have a look at alternatives such as Crosswalk or Cocoon.


Ejecta is a fast, open source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio implementation for cross-platform. Think of it as a Browser that can only display a Canvas element.

More info & Documentation: http://impactjs.com/ejecta

Ejecta is published under the MIT Open Source License.

How to use

###Setup and Install for Android:

  1. Install Android NDK first.
  2. Install Android SDK then Eclipse and ADT OR, Android Studio
  3. cd <your project dir> then run /path/to/your/android-ndk-r9/ndk-build to compile libejecta.so and libJavaScriptCore.so
  4. Open in your favourite IDE and build.

Note for Windows users:-

Current branches no longer work on Windows after the OpenGLES update. Please use the older release https://github.com/aogilvie/Ejecta-X/releases/tag/v0.9.9-original


For an example application in the sample folder, name Ejecta-X.apk.

For XHR, remember to add <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/> to the Android Manifest.

Native Events

Register for Java Events

Set an event listener on your activity as follows;

((EjectaGLSurfaceView)mGLView).setEjectaEventListener(new EjectaRenderer.EjectaEventListener() {
    public void onCanvasCreated() {

Native APIs

loadJavaScriptFile(String filename)

Will load a JavaScript file into Ejecta-X. File should be relative from assets/build/<filename>.

For example to load a file at assets/build/loadme.js would be;


Commit to Ejecta-X


Any kind of help is welcomed!

We work from develop branch and PR into develop branch. Stable versions are pushed from develop to master and then tagged.

Where to start?

Just pick an enchancement (feature) issue or a bug issue from the open issues list. Thanks for your help!