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BioFormatsLink for Wolfram Language


BioFormatsLink is a package for interacting with Bio-Formats library in the Wolfram Language. BioFormatsLink supports 12.1 and later versions of Wolfram Language deployments for the desktop, including Wolfram Desktop and Mathematica.

Building BioFormatsLink

To build a .paclet file:

  • Build documentation using Ant's script in Scripts/docbuild.xml.
  • Open Scripts/assemblePaclet.wl in the Wolfram system.
  • Run the entire package.
  • The .paclet file will be created in /full/path/to/BioFormatsLink/build/date-time directory.

Installing the BioFormatsLink release

The BioFormatsLink release comes in the form of a .paclet file, which contains the entire package and its documentation. Download the latest release from the Github repo's releases page. To install, run the following command in the Wolfram Language:


This will permanently install the BioFormatsLink paclet. The Wolfram Language will always use the latest installed version of BioFormatsLink. Installed versions can be enumerated using the command:


And all versions can be uninstalled using the command:


Using BioFormatsLink

To access the documentation, open the notebook interface help viewer, and search for BioFormatsLink/tutorial/ImportingDataFromBioFormats. This will open a tutorial on how to import data using BioFormatsLink.

To start, load the BioFormatLink package, and try opening an image file.

Import["ExampleData/spikey.tiff", "BioFormats"] 


See the following files for more information: