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Jomres Core - Online Booking Engine for WordPress and Joomla

Jomres is the only Joomla & WordPress Online Booking engine with PMS features and built-in REST API.

It is 100% Open Source.

Install it through the CMS's install from web feature, just search for Jomres and follow the onscreen instructions. Do not download the zip file in the Releases section and attempt to install it, it won't work, you must use the install from web process in the CMS.

Installation Guide

For more information, please see

Most recent changes : See the Nightly commits list

Tech : PHP/Mysql/Apache/JavaScript


Started in 2005 and consistently maintained ever since Jomres has evolved to be a powerful online booking engine for both WordPress and Joomla.


Every website wants to be a little different, every designer and developer looks at and AirBNB and thinks "I can do better", and rightly so. Jomres has been designed from the ground up to be flexible so that designers and developers can build the way they want.

Using it's own plugin system code can be inserted and overridden easily to change how it works allowing developers to customise it's functionality to suit their own requirements.


There's no hook or catch. This Core system is available completely free.