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Releases: WoollyinWalesIT/jomres

Jomres 10.7.2

13 Jul 10:52
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Add language context switching to label translations page.
If language context is null, then this could be a property feature string we're looking for. They're queried very early in the run, before we know the property's type, so we'll fall back to setting the context to propertyrental so that we get translated property features and categories.
Added link to Telegram channel to admin area cpanel.
Improved how we assign the manager id to webhook events.
Added webhook events of managers being added/deleted/updated so that cmf can catch their properties and update the local property uids xref table. This will allow them to use the under development cmf ui functionality that takes advantage of cmf endpoints to provide additional features to Jomres.
Added group by definition to API handling.
Change how we handle 400 errors from self api
Allow calls to update/plugin servers to silently follow redirects.
Updated domains for plugins/updates servers.
Switch to browser validation in booking forms.

Resolved an issue where new property types couldn't be created.
Ensure that we only try to include webassetmanager on Joomla4 or joomla 5
Remove carriage returns from select list template so that it doesn't trigger js errors when evaluated in the booking form.

Jomres 10.7.1

09 Jun 10:31
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Added a check to ensure if the class doesn't already exist, to not include the file. Didn't need to do previously but new changes now make it necessary.
Subscription handling related tweaks.
Show the medium image by default in search results.
Added a feature to programatically disable sanity checks.
Prevent a couple of Misc frontend menu options from showing to non-super managers.
Changed publishing functionality, there are now two distinct tasks to either publish or unpublish properties. This allows the subscription feature to distinguish between allowing unpublishing, thereby allowing managers who have downgraded their subscriptions to still have a limited number of published properties.
Tweaked jomresItemToolbar method to ensure that it uses the correct class, if handed to it.
Removed old publishProperty function, it's not used in Core or any plugins.
Tweaked the publish/unpublish ajax toolbar buttons to make it clear that publish/unpublish have colours to indicate the activity.
Changed logo
Improved label and map in edit property page.
Rebuild data sources when the registry is rebuilt
Fixed the logout font awesome icon in BS5/FA5
Switch over to using our own version of jquery.dataTables.js so that we can provide a useful message regarding the possible cause of a js error in datatables (expect this to fix 98% of reports).
Reordered sanity checks slightly. Show the address check after the image upload check. Once the user has clicked Save on the address, then they'll see the Publish button. It's a slightly better flow because from the Upload page the user has to visit another dashboard page before the Publish hint is shown.
Resolved an issue with BS3 toolbar secondary items not showing.
Modify how we find the current language in Joomla.
Improve how we find the current lang in translate lang file strings page.

Fixed a bug in suspension functionality that was preventing the class from unpublishing properties.
If the directory we're scanning does not exist yet (installation phase?) return an empty array instead of triggering an error.

Jomres 10.7.0

25 May 11:10
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Jomres v10.6.0

16 Nov 08:06
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Property switching dropdown re-added to Jomres, and significantly updated. This allows us to switch properties quickly when administering properties. This is a useful older feature that has been reintroduced and updated to be context sensitive.

Shortcodes can now define custom templates. Example : {jomres asamodule_random &asamodule_random_listlimit=3&basic_module_output.html=basic_module_output_circular.html} If basic_module_output_circular.html exists in the override directory, it will be used instead. Allows individual shortcodes to be highly customised without needing to modify any code.

An old friend returns to the stage, updated for BS5 : Slideshow images now show in property lists and basic module output areas. Works best with the BS5 carousel plugin installed. Works ok with the native Galleria slideshow plugin, but the slideshow heights aren't exactly right, slideshow images are cropped by Galleria. This slideshow feature can detect if more than 1 Main Property Image has been uploaded, and if so, then a slideshow is shown where previously just an image was shown. A new card_image.html template is the fallback template.

Added a new feature to patTemplate where if the unused vars setting ( e.g. <patTemplate:tmpl name="pageoutput" unusedvars="import">) is set to import, then any missing definitions will be checked to see if they're language file definitions. If so, we can automatically replace them. This means that we don't need to add language definitions to scripts that call a template file, the definition will be automatically added. Older templates (including BS5 templates) will not have this "import" flag set. It's possible they contain items that shouldn't be there, but it's now an option to use this import ability in new template files. I have been trying unsuccessfully for ages to find a way to not constantly need to define language strings in calling scripts but all of the things I tried resulted in too much memory use. This solution is smaller and subsequentially faster.

Added new menu options to Joomla plugin : Guest Bookings & My Profile

Added (commented out but available) property features and room features to basic module output script.

Add canonical tag to meta on Joomla

Added a new script that allows site admins to show a property widget for a single property wherever they want, through a shortcode.
Feature Updated run_jomres_shortcode function so that WP style shortcodes can be used. Both older {} shortcode braces can be used, as well is [] (WP style) braces. Leads to simpler documentation.

Added occupancy to basic module output html

Added booking link
Image uploading now defaults to using just max width setting, and implemented cropping for images.

Jomres v10.5.5

02 Oct 07:35
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  • Updated the no-Bootstrap code so that Jomres itself uses Bootstrap 5 for layout if the theme doesn't support it.

  • Added new Core API Endpoint that reports all available endpoints.

  • Added ability to set X-JOMRES-NO-ENVELOPE in headers that tells Jomres api to not use the response envelope, just respond with the data.

  • Added ability to set payment_success_redirect_url in the url when calling the show confirmation page (must be base64 encoded). Once the booking payment has been processed then where normally the booking completed page would be shown instead the user can be redirected to that success url. Allows plugins such as NBE to hit the confirmation page (where the booking is finally constructed), payment taken, and the user redirected onwards based on the success of the payment.

  • Added ability to add bypass_confirmation=1 to the url used when calling the booking confirmation page. This allows remote sites to force calls to this page to automatically redirect to a payment gateway as needed.

  • Changed the BS3 review star icon so that it works in leohtian

  • Stripe plugins now pass the JSID variable in urls. This allows the NBE to be used on a different site (or in an app?) and we can ensure that the session data is used correctly throughout.

  • Changed how jomSearch class determines the Bootstrap version to use the built-in function which does some magic, instead of using the BS setting in jrConfig.

  • Disable wptexturize when running Jomres scripts, otherwise wp will mangle javascript in Jomres templates.

  • Quashed an error that could come up when SRPs save room types. Related to occupancy levels.

Jomres v10.5.4

28 Sep 12:22
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  • Stripe Standard payment gateway added to Jomres Core.

  • Added the ability for the Jomres template parser to call code that introduces Joomla modules into Jomres template files.

  • Added a new feature to copy API keys to clipboard.

  • Payment gateways moved out of their tab in property config into a page of their own.

  • BS5 Booking form layout reworked. Room feature selection initially hidden in accordion, rooms lists moved around.

  • Two new currency codes added for Venezuelan Bolivar, including the black market currency code (really? Wow.)

  • Changed how old style language files are detected and used, so that new lang definitions are automatically parsed in despite them not being in the older language files.

  • Changed how Oauth clients are stored in the database. This means that, for non-manager users, they will need to create new clients and request new tokens.

  • Allow us to set a token when calling self API on behalf of a user

  • Updated the Edit API Client page. Show a valid token if available. Include the ability to remove (disable, not delete) old tokens.

  • Added minicomponent trigger notes for new Jomres Messaging System that allow for parsing of messages by plugins.

  • Run watcher scripts during error responses, as well as successful api responses

  • Don't trigger cron tasks during api calls, might shave off 50ms here and there, but it's all worth it.

  • Str replace / in javascript date input if necessary

  • Don't output hidden menu items if menuoff is set .

  • Don't show powered by if the menu is off in the url

  • Removed references to syndication in rest api test.

  • Added new functionality whereby new buttons can be added to the edit booking/reservation details page.

  • Modified contact owner to ensure that component args is used.

  • Improved BS5 admin cpanel layout.

  • Tweaked how an error is reported to keep it up-to-date with the current system.

  • Added new guidance for users when they click on the New Property or Manager Properties button in the admin area. If they're not logged in then they'll see a message asking them to login. This will help new users who are not familiar with the need to login to the frontend to administer properties.

  • Moved contact form out of tabs in property details. This allows us to override the contact form in various ways without messing up the general layout.

  • Added a new WP function for generating the default WP login form, in case one hasn't been configured in Site Config > Messaging System tab

  • Setting the default setting of the group by fix to off on new installations.

  • FAQ items in BS5 updated to remove accordion and simplify output. Comments added to other templates

  • Changed how reviews button stacks in basic module output template

  • Removed thanks output from show property reviews template

  • Added new Common strings for login/logout and related urls

  • Modified edit account details page, guests can no longer save a different email address from that stored against their CMS account.

  • Property uid now available to basic contract details class contract result

  • Added a new (as yet unused but available) method to jr_user class to check if their details are complete.

  • BS5 Booking form classic rooms list received some love.

  • Reworked property header, book now button is sticky and moved some buttons around.

  • Made host link smaller so that it matches the rest of the buttons in property header

  • Bot encrypted email address added to site sitebar

  • Property details reorganised. Got rid of tabs, layout adjusted.

  • Introduce new functionality for setting page titles.

  • New common string COMMON_CANCEL added to patTemplate class.

  • Added contact us text to property details default $output variable.

  • Both BS3 & BS5 : Fields not marked as Required are now hidden in the booking form.

  • BS5 Checkboxes replaced with BS5 switches ( in booking form.

  • BS5 Layout of Booking form's Rooms lists updated. Available and Selected rooms lists tweaked. Feedback messages moved above totals.

  • Fixed links to to use https protocol (lang files)

  • Added some changes to resolve issues in API since Joomla 4.2.2 released

  • Basic room details tweak : Since Joomla 4.2.2 calling this function triggers an error in the api. Given that the api doesn't benefit from having the tooltips, we won't return them.

  • Make roomrateperday on new installations longer so that countries like Columbia who have prices in the millions of pesos can still list prices.

  • Updated CMS Specific code for calling CMS's editor in Joomla 4.

  • Added some definitions to core language file that should be in plugins, however because of where those plugins are called in some templates, they're not always called correctly. This resolves that.

  • API : Fixed an error in PHP8

  • Change how image root is found so that og:image paths render correctly.

  • Fixed a notice in touch templates.

  • Fix a bug where unpublished properties could be included in host property list on BS5 templated sites

  • Removed a limitation preventing child prices from being calculated if compatability mode not enabled.

  • Refactored extra guest numbers in booking engine.

  • Fixed an issue in Standard mode where the correct guest numbers could not be saved correctly, occupancy calculation code was causing problems.

Jomres v10.5.3

03 Aug 16:57
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General maintenance

Jomres v10.5.2

08 Jul 08:45
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Fixes a bug in the (old) booking engine where guest numbers wouldn't be automatically selected, thereby making SRP booking forms not work until guest numbers were changed

Jomres v10.5.1

05 Jul 10:53
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Mainly to deliver a tweak to the API and how it handles Browser CORS options messages so that off-domain queries can work.


25 Jun 09:47
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New run jomres shortcode function added. Allows us to run Jomres shortcodes in php scripts (e.g. index.php of the template)
Added ability to patTemplate reader to discover the current task's potential sub directories for parent and child themes based on the name of the task.
Added shortlist/favourite functionality to module output
Allow Featured properties to have their Ribbon set to Featured instead of showing the review score.
Allow shortcodes to send alt_template_name to the get property module data function so that the theme/template directory can have override templates in different shortcodes, which will look something like {jomres asamodule_random &asamodule_random_listlimit=3&alt_template_name=basic_module_output_circular}
Added new feedback request to Jomres Cpanel

Removed checks for the IP when saving the session, now that we're checking for crawlers instead of checking for local calls, when saving sessions.
Get rid of map output from list properties as the maps don't render when live scrolling.
Modified list properties gateways output to adjust to the fact that we're now allowing png and jpg images for gateways, as well as gifs (Come on Vince, it's 2022)
Changed default Halt (error stop) in API from 200 to 400.
Tweaked API error handling to make it able to accept lines of error messages, makes the system triggering the Halt error responsible for what to show (Production v Development modes)
Occupancy level functionality updated to allow for newly added rooms.
Update edit tariffs standard to only show room type options with room types that don't yet have tariffs when creating a new tariff set.
Removed min and max guest numbers from list tariffs standard as it's a nonsense for this tariff type. That information is now gleaned from the max occupancy levels.
Removed old tourist tax code as it has A been superseded and B it interferes with NBE functionality
Removed some settings if the property uses Standard tariff editing mode.
Modified dobooking function to ensure that arrival and departure dates are fired off to the server on page load. Previously relied on just one of those elements and it's starting to creak in it's old age.
Changed how number of guests allocated to a room is discovered in old booking engine.
Remove margins to prevent menu options from closing when you don't want them to.
Make sure that show property tariffs page uses the get_booking_url function.
change basic module output wrapper so that cols wrap where approriate.
Updated input filtering to use newer J functionality and to change how we detect if an element is set in a request (SEF related) so that we can use J functionality if forced.
Basic module output tweaked to provide search links for town/region/country
Update property star font
Add "featured" status to basic property details class.
Classes added to the BS5 basic module output template. This allows the Isotope properties plugin to use this feature instead of having to produce it's own output. Promotes a consistent look and feel across all property module outputs.
Change the log out Jomres main menu item. Joomla's fontawesome library doesn't have a log out icon that I can find, for some weird reason, and because the Quickstarts are being delivered with more complete fontawesome libraries this change now makes sense.
Add a function to determine the template override directory.
Add the ability for WP users to have a custom login url function called custom_jomres_wordpress_login_link function. Closes #441
Change guests discount col from 3,2 to 4,2
Room rate per day changed to 11,7

Change how we figure out whether or not live scrolling should be enabled to fix some intermittent misbehaviour.
Tweak the gateway plugin settings class to not throw an error if a gateway has been removed but it's settings remain in situ.
Tweak list properties so that it doesn't use a parameter in error.
Added a check in a J specific function to check to see if Itemid is 0. If it is Joomla will throw an uncaught error so we will catch that and advise admin to add Jomres to the main menu.