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Most common issues

You can double check if everything was installed correct by going to Gamepad Tester - when you press WASD it'll show you 1 controller input moving around. If you see more than 1 controller, please refer to Player slot 1 error.


I can't move in tanks

Symptom: Double movement active, you can't move in tanks.

Problem: Fortnite developer oversight/bug. When Lock mouse input is enabled, it disables controller movement in tanks. It doesn't disable it in other vehicles, it's most likely a developer oversight.

Solution: Bind the keyboard movement keys to any other 4 keys, so you can move around inside the tank. On the arrow keys for example.

🚨 Updated to V1.4.0 and it doesn't work anymore

Symptom: After the Wooting Double Movement app updated to V1.4.0 it stopped to work, but everything is setup correct.

Problem: ViGEm was reinstalled with the update but something went wrong and now it doesn't emulate the virtual controller anymore.

Solution: Download the latest version of ViGEm (The controller emulator software the Wooting double movement app runs on).

🚨 Windows Smart Screen is blocking the app installation

Symptom: When trying to install the application Windows gives a warning that the application isn't trusted (yet) and obscures the continue button as a hyperlink.

Problem: Wooting Technologies B.V. windows software license was recently extended. This resets a lot of credibility built from past software releases and we need to build up credibility again with more downloads and installations. This is a standard window Windows shows to encourage software developers to pay licenses.

Solution: ignore it and confirm the installation.

🚨 Fortnite UI glitches between controller and Kbm UI

Symptom: Your GUI switches between the controller and keyboard mouse interface when you move with WASD, even though you have lock mouse input interface.

Problem: If you alt-tab (out of focus) fortnite, it opens the tab menu, when you go back in the game and use "toggle map" bind before closing this menu, it'll get stuck. This is a Fortnite bug.

Solution: Press ESC twice or open and close your inventory

👀 Video:

🚨 When you walk, it's regular keyboard movement or worse

Symptom: You have unbinded the WASD keyboard movement keys in the Fortnite settings and enabled the Wooting Double Movement, but you only get regular keyboard or weird movement in Fortnite. When you disable the Wooting Double Movement, you can still walk around with WASD.

Problem: Your Fortnite settings are glitched.

Solution: Select a default setting preset from the Keyboard binding preset menu under Keyboard settings.

Fortnite keyboard binding preset

🚨 Only when Fortnite is out of focus, you can get double movement

Symptom: When Fortnite is out of focus, you can get double movement, when it's in focus it doesn't work

Problem: You're missing Microsoft dependencies with clearance for the application or you don't have the same folder permissions for the application and game. This will result in the game not being able to read the application.

Solution: Please install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++. Direct download link

  • The Wooting app needs to be started with the same permissions as the game (recommended as a normal user and not admin) You can find the permissions when right-click on application and viewing permissions. You will need to do the same for the Wooting app.
  • The file owner and permissions for the Wooting app data folders needs to be correct for its program and temp folder. Here is a link to a batch file fixing a potential wrong ownership:

Discord message link to bat file.

Please note after downloading: Due to security reasons your OS will most likely warn you about potential harm because the source is unknown and so the file isn't trustworthy. In order to run it you need to allow the download and then the execution. Of course because it's a batch the code can be easily inspected

🚨 Player slot 1 error, everything is setup but you can't move

Symptom: You get the error window that you need to utilize player slot 1, but it's now in another player slot. OR You can't move at all in Fortnite while the Wooting DM application is running in the background enabled.

Problem: The virtual controller is not in player slot 1. Fortnite only takes input from controllers connected to player slot 1. When multiple (virtual) gamepads are connected to your PC, it'll assign them to different player slots. Whenever you reconnect the device, it'll assign you to a new slot.

Solution: Close down the Wooting DM app - Open your windows device manager and disconnect all (virtual) gamepad devices. If you have Key2Xinput, reWASD, or any other gamepad emulator running, close it down. Make sure it's also not running in the background hidden in the system tray. You can also force shut them through the task manager (ctrl+alt+delete).

Open the Wooting DM app - It should now slot into player 1 and you should have movement. If not, restart your PC and repeat this process.

If you're still having problem, you can uninstall the Xbox controllers from your device manager and then open the Wooting DM app.

Show Xbox 360 Controllers Unistall xbox 360 controller

🚨 ViGEmBus failed to install - "Wooting Double Movement Error" / Error Code 2503

Symptom: You get Error Code 2503 during installation or see an error popup mentioning Nefarius Virtual Gamepad Emulation Bus wasn't installed properly.

Problem: ViGEm wasn't installed properly due to permission issues in your temp folder.

Solution: You can first try to run the Wooting Double Movement app installer as administrator, it'll overwrite the existing installation and possible get the needed permissions. You can also directly download the ViGEm driver (direct link) and run it as administrator.

Otherwise you can find the issue and solution here:

🚨 How to install on Windows 7

NOTE: Starting V1.2 we use the DualShock 4 (DS4) controller interface. Windows 7 might not always support the interface. In either case, we can't recommend our previous version using Xinput (Xbox Controller) as Microsoft has also remove legacy versions for the drivers and it's impossible to get unless it's from a 3rd party hosting website.

Symptom: You receive an error message that the Wooting Double Movement app is only for Windows 10.

Problem: Latest version of ViGEm (controller emulator) is not supported for windows 7.

Solution: Download the Wooting Double Movement app and close the windows 10 only error that pops up.

See ViGEm windows 7 instruction page and download:

Restart your PC, then download and install ViGEm version v1.16.116 - direct download link.

You can now use the Wooting Double movement on Windows 7.

🚨 When I load into a match, I am not able to move

Symptom: When you start a new match and jump out of the bus, you can't move until after a while or once you've landed.

Problem: Fortnite resets all input devices every new match and won't register until it receives either a controller button input or diagonal joystick input. Physical controller joysticks have natural joystick drift and are always active but the (fixed) deadzone of 5% in Fortnite prevents it from having any effect. The Wooting Double Movement Virtual Controller doesn't have any joystick drift.

Solution: While in the bus or when the match starts, press W+A or D to activate the controller inputs. If you have the movement binds on other keys, just make sure you have both forward and sideward movement pressed at the same time.

🚨 Mouse moving to other applications with two monitors setup SAME AS "I get alt tabbed from the game"

Symptom: In-game you often are alt tabbed out of the game or find your cursor on your other monitor.

Problem: This is an issue unrelated to the Double Movement app, but rather a problem with how Fortnite handles the UI when you have a Gamepad and Mouse input at the same time.

The Double Movement app emulates a gamepad Joystick to create their specific running directions from digital keys. When you open a menu interface like the Scoreboard or Inventory, your gamepad-movement and mouse inputs will fight on the UI whether to show Gamepad buttons or keyboard and mouse buttons.

The setting 'Lock Input Method as Mouse' is supposed to prevent this, but is likely not working as intended. If you close your inventory, scoreboard, or other menu while the UI is in 'Gamepad Mode', your mouse will no longer get locked to the game window as a side effect to this problem.2

Solution: The only way to avoid this is by practicing some workarounds such as:

  • Don't walk with a menu open to avoid any UI bugs
  • You can still use the auto-run keybind to continue moving with the Inventory open

Permanently avoid it:

  • Play with a single monitor enabled and fullscreen so the cursor can't leave the game window Shortcut: Win + Shift + P = PC screen only
  • Google other methods or retaining mouse cursor on single screen or application.

🚨 Javascript main error

Symptom: You see a Javascript main error popup when using the Wooting Double Movement app

Problem: Certain required libraries were not installed due to permission issues or fault installation. These are required to run the ViGEm controller emulator.



  1. Open the Wooting Double Movement installer as administrator.


  1. Uninstall Wooting, Keys2XInput or other emulator you've installed.
  2. Uninstall all virtual emulators from your Bluetooth & devices.
  3. Ensure the temp folder exists (%temp% & c:\Windows\Temp) and has the correct permissionssee ViGEm issue.
  4. Restart your pc
  5. Install ViGEm.
  6. Install Microsoft Visual C++.
  7. If u got no error during installation, install the wooting double movement app.

🚨 not able to turbo build while strafing

Symptom: You try to turbo build while strafing but it doesn't work. Even though you setup all the settings correct.

Problem: The Double Movement app emulates a Gamepad Joystick to create their specific running directions from digital keys. Due to this emulation, your controller settings in Fortnite may affect the behavior of the game.

Solution: To solve this you should change the controller settings to match the behavior of your keyboard and mouse settings. For most players, resetting the controller settings tab will solve their settings conflicts.