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📱Chrome Extension For Automatic Evaluation And Visual Studio Code Extension For Compiling Language
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Easily work with less, sass, scss, typescript, jade and jsx files in Visual Studio Code.

Compile on save (ctrl+s) for less, sass, scss, typescript, jade and jsx files without using a build task.

  • Compile less, sass, scss, typescript, jade and jsx on save.
  • Support autoprefixer for less, scss, scss.
  • Support to open html files to preview in browser.
  • minify .js and .css files.
Before Compile After Compile
.jade .html
.scss(sass) .css
.less .css
.ts/.tsx .js(JSX)
.js(ES6) .js(ES5)

Easy to use. When you writing a file, press save ctrl+s to generate the compiled file in the same directory. I hope you can get rid of the constraint of gulp or webpack😁

Open In Browser

Right click the html file in the directory menu, and the open in browser option will appear. You can preview the page in the browser.

Close Port

At some point, you may be using ports for some services. You can use the close port command to close.


Eno Yao

Aaron Xie

DK Lan


Li Ting





Tian Fly

If you enjoy front end, you should have it! xie, yao, yong, ting, jing, lin, tian, xin, xia, dk and lemon ~ Waiting for you in our heart!

If you think it's useful, you can leave us a message and like it, Your support is our driving force😀


Compile Hero is released under the MIT.

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