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Aurelia is a next generation JavaScript client framework that leverages simple conventions to empower your creativity.

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nick-at-hawkfish commented Jan 27, 2020

It would be nice to have a babel macro that automatically runs the babel plugin to remove the runtime. That way, this project would work out of the box with "zero" config tools like create-react-app.

I'm thinking it could be something like:

import {html} from 'htm/preact/macro'

This is similar conceptually to CSS-IN-JS libraries providing a macro for their tools. See https://e

eliotsykes commented Oct 3, 2019

I'm sorry to post an issue that is missing crucial evidence, but some debugging of a recent config loading bug makes me suspect that the react-rails railtie.rb may be modifying the load order of initializers, and preventing the values in Rails.application.config being as expected.

Whether this happens or not appears to be partly dependent on where in the Gemfile the react-rails gem is l

ChALkeR commented Jan 7, 2020

To reproduce:

$ npm pack styled-jsx@3.2.4
npm notice
npm notice 📦  styled-jsx@3.2.4
npm notice === Tarball Contents ===
npm notice 6.1kB  dist/.DS_Store
npm notice 599B   dist/_constants.js
npm notice 22.3kB dist/_utils.js
npm notice 8.2kB  dist/babel-external.js
npm notice 46B    babel-test.js
npm notice 753B   dist/babel-test.js
npm notice 41B    babel.js
npm notice 10.4k
ryansolid commented Jun 3, 2020

I really would appreciate feedback here. It is so hard for me to see it since I've been so close to this for so long and I've developed apps in this manner for 10 years. I'm going to be the worst person to write the documentation since it is all so second nature for me. Yet, I am most likely going to be the person writing the documentation since I understand how everything works so well.

So can

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