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Should I post an issue?

  • If your issue is related to individual payments or account support, please email instead of posting the issue here.
  • Read the FAQ and see if your solution is there.
  • Pro Tip! If you think you've found an exploit, don't post the issue here. Instead, private message a moderator on our forums at

Posting an issue

Before you begin: Please note that this is a formal site. Please avoid using slang, cursing, and being unnecessarily immature.

  1. Discovering your issue and attempting to reproduce it. You recently found an issue playing Wynncraft, whether it be a powder not working, a mob not spawning, a merchant selling the wrong thing, or an error in a build. Before you can post the issue on the issue tracker, you need to find a way to reproduce it. Reproducing a bug is trying to find a way to get the issue to happen again. For example, if my bug is powders don't apply to a specific weapon, my way to reproduce the bug would be to try and apply the powder to the weapon, but the bug happens and the powders don't apply correctly. However, if it is something more simple, such as a merchant not selling the correct items, there is no need to find a way to reproduce the bug, there is no way to reproduce it.

  2. Creating a GitHub account (if you don't already have one). Creating a GitHub account ( is very self-explanatory and is much like creating accounts on other websites, and it is free. You will need an email; however, you will not need a Minecraft account for a GitHub account. Do not use your minecraft credentials as your github credentials for security purposes.

  3. Searching for duplicates of your issue. Great! Now you have a GitHub account and you are on the issue tracker page ( One of the most important steps of this process is searching the GitHub issue repository for already existing copies of your issue. To search for a duplicate of your issue, simply type in keywords of your issue into the search bar pointed out in the image below. For example, an issue is that a Seasail Merchant is not working at Nemract. "Appropriate key words would be Seasail," "Seasail Merchant," or "Seasail Merchant Nemract." If you find an issue which reports the same bug that you plan to report, there is no need to post the issue yourself! The team is already alert of the issue, and any duplicate issue you may post of this issue is going to simply clutter the issue tracker and generate unnecessary bug reports. The image below points out the correct search bar to use when searching for issue duplicates (search bar in red box). Inline Tip! An example search is: is:issue is:open stuck in wall. Make sure to include is:issue is:open before your keywords.

  4. Posting your issue, titling your issue, and describing your issue. Your next step is to actually post your issue on the tracker with the "New issue" button, boxed in inside the image below. Inline You will be brought to an editor that looks like this. Inline You can get rid of the text inside of the main text, assuming you have complied. Titling your issue correctly is also a crucial part of the process. The title bar is boxed in inside the image below. Inline If your issue is that a powder isn't applying to a specific weapon, don't just put as your title, "powders not working." Please be specific. Instead you could write as your title, "[Insert powder type] not applying correctly to [insert armor type]." That is an example of a good title. Lastly, probably the most important part of creating an issue file is describing it. The text box where you should describe your issue is boxed out inside the image below. Inline Here are some things you should include in your description:
    --> How you can reproduce bug (How you can make the bug happen/execute)
    --> Location of bug (if possible, ex. merchants, mobs, etc.)
    --> Items involved (ex. powders, weapons, etc.)
    --> Screenshots or video of the bug (if possible, this is highly recommended)
    --> Everything else about the bug and more
    You should now have a title and a description. The next step is to post the issue. When you are completely done with your issue, press the "Submit new issue" button boxed in inside the image below. Inline

  5. Be patient. Once you have submitted your issue to the issue tracker, you need you have patience with your issue. It may be game breaking to you, but sometimes we can't do anything about it (the people who run the issue tracker). Also, please be weary of the "no refund" policy when creating your issue. Your issue may be very well thought out and typed, but it may be extremely difficult to solve the problem and it may take months of coding or editing to fix it, like some of the current guild problems. Do not expect a response to your issue immediately, but we will try our best to get to you and provide you, as long as you comply with this guide. If you do not correctly construct your issue, your issue will be closed, locked, and ignored.

Thanks, and we hope you use this guide to improve the quality of our GitHub issue tracker.

A Word to The Wise: As of 5/8/2016, if you post an image which breaks the rules and/or shows that you have entity radar turned on in a minimap, that information will be passed on to the game moderators, without further notice to you. Play Fair!


[CHECK FOR DUPLICATES FIRST] Follow the instruction, below.






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