Piwik web analytics plugin for Kooboo CMS.
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Kooboo Piwik Plugin

This plugin allows easy integration of Piwik with Kooboo CMS.


Download the PiwikPlugin.dll from here and install it as page plugin in your Kooboo system. Ensure, that the plugin was compiled for your version of the Kooboo CMS. If the versions do not match, your Kooboo system may not start anymore and requires you to manually delete the plugin.

You can also manually open the VisualStudio solution and compile the plugin for your Kooboo version. To change the Kooboo version, the plugin is compiled against, replace the DLLs found in the lib folder.

More information about Kooboo Page Plugins can be found here.


The plugin uses several custom site settings. See here for Kooboo site settings.

Setting Description
piwik_siteid The Piwik site id to track.
piwik_urlhttp The URL of the Piwik installation accessed with HTTP. Example: www.example.com:80
piwik_urlhttps The URL of the Piwik installation accessed with HTTPS. Example: www.example.com:443
piwik_basepath The base path of the folder where the Piwik installation resides in. Usually left blank, if Piwik is in the root path. Example: path/to/piwik


To start using Piwik, it must be included in your page layout near the </body> html tag. Add this code:


This will render the Piwik Javascript tracking code with a <noscript> fallback.