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Updated daily! A list of popular BitTorrent Trackers. If you feel good, please ⭐!

Integrated the popular Tracker, after filtering, finally got a high-quality Tracker list collection ~

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What is Tracker?

Tracker is a necessary role in BT download, it can effectively improve BT download speed.

Record user information that downloads the same resource to help you connect with other users.

The figure below shows the BT download speed after using Tracker. (all.txt)

BitComet qBittorrentEE

You can judge whether there is a problem with the BT configuration and network by observing the download speed of ubuntu.torrent. There are many users of this popular resource, and the download speed should be very fast under normal circumstances.

Updated: 2022-05-24

[Click to expand] - View alternate address

# The following is an example of the complete list all.txt (modify the file name as needed):

How to use?


[Click to expand] - View the tracker list in Aria2 format

After copying the contents of the Aria2 Format Tracker file, paste it into the bt-tracker= tail in the aria2.conf configuration file. Example:


Note: Please delete the old Tracker content before pasting to avoid formatting errors!


qBittorrent Enhanced Edition:
Based qBittorrent, added many useful features, such as Subscribing to Tracker URL , you can easily use with this project.

After saving the settings, be sure to restart qBittorrent Enhanced Edition.



File Centipede:

Tracker Source

This project brings together the following list of public trackers:

Thanks for these projects!


  • Do you know more public trackers list? (E.g: ngosang/trackerslist) -> Open a new issue


The GPL-3.0 License.