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Note: This repository contains the core code of the XOOPS Core 2.6.x. It's under development currently. If you want to build a web site using XOOPS, visit the main XOOPS Web Site for more information.

Developer Installation

Here is an outline of what you need to participate in XOOPS development:

You will need a development environment with at least PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.6.

You will need to interact with

You will need to have Composer installed. You can get it here:

Fork the XoopsCore repository to your account on GitHub.

Clone your fork to your development environment.

Composer is used to manage the libraries that XOOPS depends on. Composer uses the composer.json file for instructions about what is needed. To get started with a fresh fork, run this commands from the main directory (usually XoopsCore) of your cloned fork. (For *nix systems, use 'cp' instead of 'copy'.)

copy composer.json.dist composer.json
composer install

When you update your fork with the latest changes you should run this command:

composer update

Configure your web server to point to the htdocs directory as the webroot (i.e. add a virtual host in Apache.)

Open the webroot in your browser to complete the XOOPS install.

When your changes are complete and tested, send us a Pull Request on GitHub and we will take a look.

You can see the full Installation in under 4:40 min in this video:


Awesome contributors:


Thank you for considering contributing to the XOOPS Project. See CONTRIBUTING file.

Work in Progress


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A huge thank you to JetBrains for supporting the development of this project with complimentary PhpStorm licenses.