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XRPL Bounties

XRPL Bounties are open challenges for software developers to complete specific ideas and projects that benefit the XRP Ledger community

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XRPL Bounties was a program to fund software developers and teams for the completion of specific ideas and projects that benefit the XRP Ledger (XRPL) community.

In the spirit of the public and transparent XRP Ledger, everything built for XRPL Bounties is fully open source and all ideas are released into the public domain.

XRPL Bounties has been sunset in order to refocus on the XRPL Grants and Accelerator programs. As such, XRPL Bounties is no longer creating any new bounties.

Note: This is not a bug bounty program. If you are looking for a bug bounty program, check out Ripple’s here.

Terms and Conditions for reference

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  1. Proposals Proposals Public

    XRPL Bounties: paid challenges for software developers to build + solve for the benefit of the XRP Ledger community

    26 11

  2. Proof-of-Attendance-API Proof-of-Attendance-API Public

    This is the submission repo for the POAP bounty ( Community Event Management To…

    JavaScript 7 6


    The web app for Proof of Attendance Protocol

    TypeScript 1 5

  4. .github .github Public

    Organization profile README for XRPL Bounties. Learn more here:



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