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XRPL Bounties

XRPL Bounties are open challenges for software developers to complete specific ideas and projects that benefit the XRP Ledger community

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XRPL Bounties is a program that funds software developers and teams for the completion of specific ideas and projects that benefit the XRP Ledger (XRPL) community.

In the spirit of the public and transparent XRP Ledger, XRPL Bounties are fully open source and all ideas are released into the public domain.

Note: This is not a bug bounty program. If you are looking for a bug bounty program, check out Ripple’s here.

Picking Up A Bounty

You can see active bounties right now by going to the Proposals repo here:

Read the for more details on getting started!

The Bounty Lifecycle

  1. Initial proposal - anyone can share an idea by starting a New discussion.

  2. Formal spec - propose formal requirements and suggest a bounty amount by opening a Pull Request.

  3. Proposal review - the XRPL Bounties team will review the proposal for value-add and technical feasibility. Suggestions, comments, and questions will be made directly on the pull request. If/when the PR receives at least 3 approvals from the XRPL Bounties team, it will move forward to formal approval.

  4. Formal approval - the PR will be reviewed and approved for a particular bounty amount. If approved, the bounty will have a dedicated budget set aside for its completion. The PR will then be merged into the repo. Bounties are not available to be picked up until after they have been merged into main.

  5. Open for submissions - the bounty will open for anyone to pick up. During this time, developers onboard through a lightweight approval process in order to ensure eligibility. Developers are not eligible to receive a bounty if they do not meet compliance requirements.1 Depending on the urgency and scope of the bounty, bounties may remain open for anywhere between 1-6 months.

  6. Review of submissions - the team will review submissions as they come in, with an estimated response time of 5 business days or less. Bounties will likely require some back-and-forth discussion to ensure that all completion criteria are met and clearly documented. Submissions that successfully meet all the criteria for a milestone payout will move to the next step to be approved for payout.

  7. Approval of bounty payout - the bounty submission will undergo a final review. Upon approval, payment will be made. 💰

Proposing New Bounties

You should join the discussion and propose new ideas here.

➡  See The Bounties Here!


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