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Quantum Computing Powered by Light


  1. Strawberry Fields is a full-stack Python library for designing, simulating, and optimizing continuous variable (CV) quantum optical circuits.

    Python 651 166

  2. QHack Public archive

    QHack—The one-of-a-kind quantum computing hackathon

    Python 68 128

  3. MrMustard Public

    A differentiable bridge between phase space and Fock space

    Python 41 13

  4. jet Public

    Jet is a cross-platform library for simulating quantum circuits using tensor network contractions.

    C++ 31 10

  5. flamingpy Public

    FlamingPy is a cross-platform Python library with a variety of backends for efficient simulations of error correction in fault-tolerant quantum computers.

    Python 28 15


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