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Inkscape Placeholder

Embed image placeholders with custom height and width into Inkscape:

How it works

Find 'Add Placeholder' extension under the extensions menu in the top bar

Unsplash: Add a image background from unsplash

  • Choose From Unsplash...

  • Select the desired image width and height


  • Apply and wait a few seconds and a beautiful random image will be loaded into your work area


Add Adorable: Add a user avatar from adorable

  1. Choose Add adorable...

  2. Choose the desired adorable size and the adorable name. Nota that same name will always produce the same adorable. Random strings will produce random adorables!


  1. Apply and wait a few seconds and a random adorable avatar will be loaded into your work area


Add placeholder from Lorempixel and choose image category

  1. Choose From Lorempixel...
  2. Select the desired image width and height and choose the category

  1. Apply and wait a few seconds until an image from the category you selected will be loaded into your work area

##Images license The images imported by this extension set are intended for use in private mockups only. If you would like to use them for any other purpose, please make sure to double check the image's license:

  • Images from Lorempixel are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License (CC-By-SA), which requires you to name the author and to share your work under the same license. Find the image author on Lorempixel's website.
  • Images from Unsplash are released under the CC-0 License, and can be used for any purpose.
  • Images from adorable are released under the terms of the MIT License.

As these websites' licensing terms may change any time, we do not assume any liability for the above information. You should always check the license of images you use in your art and other published works carefully.


For designers, it is very useful to add image placeholders to their designs to see how the design could look and how image fits in space.
It is also useful to help clients see a temporary image that could help them understand better how a design will look in the future.


Background placehoders: Copy the files unsplash.py and unsplash.inx into your extensions local directory Adorable placehoders: Copy the files adorable.py and adorable.inx into your extensions local directory Lorempixel placehoders: Copy the files lorempixel.py and lorempixel.inx into your extensions local directory In linux